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10 Disney Princesses Re-Imagined as Preggos or Moms
  • Not a lot of fairy tale stories have sequels that depict what comes after "happily ever after." We understand why: it takes a lot of work to sustain that magic of romance in reality. Can you imagine the likes of Disney Princess Aurora or Rapunzel tutoring or running after the kids -- in their corsets? 

    As it turns out, you don't have to imagine. In celebration of Mother's Day earlier this month, freelance illustrator and animator Isaiah Stephens was asked by Cosmopolitan.com to imagine Disney princesses (and one queen!) as moms or moms-to-be. He shared them on his Instagram, and we took the liberty of giving them our own captions. Take a look!

    1. Philip and Aurora

    Can't sleep! It looks like Aurora is on the verge of asking for those pain meds. (You'll get your hand back, Prince Phillip!)

    2. Jasmine and Alladin

    Jasmine and Alladin's baby is due to arrive very soon! They're lucky to have that flying carpet -- no traffic!

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    3. Belle

    Belle is a breastfeeding advocate, and she walks the talk, proudly nursing her baby in public. #NormalizeBreastfeeding

    4. Pocahontas

    Of course, Pocahontas's birth plan is au naturel -- it was the only way to do it during her time. 

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    5. Eugene and Rapunzel

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    Eugene's approach to baby poop and stinky nappies is sooo funny! You show him how it's done, Rapunzel!

    6. Ariel

    Do you think Ariel would have the same problem if she gave birth under the sea? We think so...because, toddlers!

    7. Elsa

    There's a new snow prince in town! Queen Elsa's son got not just her platinum blond hair, but also her icy powers. 

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    8. Mulan and Shang

    It doesn't matter whether Mulan and Shang are having a boy or a girl -- this baby is going to kick a*s.

    9. Naveen and Tiana

    Tiana couldn't suppress her laughter. Naveen would have to get used to handling baby boo-boos!  

    10. Cinderella


    Cinderella's little tot is growing up just like her, trying on her glass heels! But Cinderella looks so comfy in flats. We approve. 

    For  more artworks by Isaiah Stephens, visit his website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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