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7 Pregnancy Keepsakes That Trended in 2016
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  • When it comes to immortalizing the time that you're carrying your little bundle of joy -- whether or not you're a first-time mom -- pregnancy keepsakes are a wondrous thing. Where before we made time capsules, people have now become more creative with how they will document their pregnancy. 

    Today, having a maternity shoot is the easiest preggy keepsake you can arrange, and you can play with themes and display the photos all-year round. Wearing flower crowns is usually the go-to theme, but others took it up a notch. Aside from shoots, there a many other things you can do to mark that special period in your life. Here are the preggy keepsakes that trended in 2016.

    1. The underwater-themed shoot

    It's a little tricky to shoot (you have to hold you breath underwater and look relaxed and natural), but that doesn't stop expecting moms from getting that perfect shot. After all, the water is a friend to preggos.

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    2. Milk bath pregnancy shoot

    Some versions really involve gallons of milk while some use baking soda to give the water its milky consistency. You don't have to be totally submerged in milk, but doing so does make your bump pop (besides hiding other body parts).

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    3. For-your-eyes only boudoir shoot

    Following Demi Moore's iconic nude pregnant magazine cover back in 1991, this type of theme helps take away the stigma that pregnant moms can't be sexy. They are -- and some would even argue that the woman's body is sexiest when pregnant.

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    4. A 3D model of your unborn baby

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    When 3D renderings of your baby in your womb is no longer enough, why not have it 3D-printed? It's similar to having baby's tiny hands and feet replicated in casts, though this might be a little creepy to some.

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    5. Belly casting


    Speaking of casts, local celebrities such as Nadine Samonte and Samantha Godinez have casted their bellies to remember their pregnancy. The casted belly, sometimes painted on, is used in newborn photoshoots.

    6. Umbilical cord art


    It turns out a fresh umbilical cord (after it was cut) can be shaped into a heart or made to spell out a word, then dried out as a keepsake. 

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    7. Placenta art

    We're not sure how it's made, but the end-product looks like the placenta was dipped in watercolor and imprinted on a piece of paper. Of course, you can shape it like a heart or a tree (using the umbilical cord as trunk).


    Which of these are you inclined to try?

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