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  • 20+ Stunning Celebrity Maternity Photos We Adored This Year!

    If you ever needed inspiration for your maternity shoot, just take a look at these gorgeous mamas.
    by Rachel Perez .
20+ Stunning Celebrity Maternity Photos We Adored This Year!
PHOTO BY @isabeloliprats, @isabelledaza, @milesaubrey via Instagram
  • One would think every possible theme has been exhausted by moms-to-be and portrait photographers for maternity photos. But this year saw no shortage of gorgeous images, as seen in celebrity social media pages.

    Here are some of our favorite celebrity pregnancy photos in 2018

    Dared to bare

    Since Demi Moore started this trend decades ago, it has never gone out style. Sometimes, all you really need for your maternity photo shoot is your baby bump.

    Isabelle Daza went with wearing nothing at all.

    Divine Lee used a robe to cover up a little.

    Sarah Lahbati made use of a long drape of cloth.

    Tricia Centenera opted for comfy undergarments.

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    The Silhouette

    Are they naked or not? Who cares! We just want to celebrate a pregnant woman's curves.

    Shamcey Supsup's hashtag insists that she was not naked in this photo.

    This is what Lara Quigaman did while waiting to give birth!

    Yoga was part of Tricia's preggy silhouette shots.


    The Sheer

    Sheer fabric, robes, or dresses show off the curves. 

    Andi Manzano's sheer preggo maternity photo is candid and natural.

    Isabel Oli Prats put on a sheer cover-up over her lingerie.

    Regine Angeles wore an intricate semi see-through dress.

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    Ethereal in white

    You can never go wrong with a clean, crisp white beautiful dress.

    Aubrey Miles said she doesn't often wear dresses, but when she does, she nails it.

    Growing the family

    It's not just the mom having a new baby but the whole family.

    It isn't a formal shoot, but here's JC and Lucia Intal kissing Bianca Gonzalez's baby bump!

    Isabel, John and Feather Prats looks like they had fun during the shoot!

    This was Andi's pregnancy announcement with GP and Olivia Reyes.

    Always be my baby

    These photos are like a pledge that firstborns will always have a special place in a mother's heart.

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    Pregnant and strong

    Like many other celebrity preggos who were allowed to continue to work out by their doctors, Aubrey did her routines until she was in her third trimester. She immortalized her preggo fitness message with this maternity photos series.


    Stylish and comfy

    Andi has always looked effortless in her maternity photos, even when she was pregnant the first time. She took it up a notch this time around when she modeled her own line of preggo- and mom-friendly line of dresses.

    Expectation versus reality

    We don't often see the hard work other people put in just to get the perfect shot. So looking at LJ Reyes' maternity photos was a breath of fresh air. It's a tribute to everyone who supports the mom-to-be!

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    Simply a goddess

    It's hard to box some of the other maternity photos we absolutely adore. Often, preggos just really need to go with what they're comfortable. A woman nurturing a life inside her is a goddess in every way.

    Sitti Navarro: A flower crown on a preggo lady never gets old.

    Jolina Magdangal: The outdoors is a mother's natural element.

    Cristalle Belo: When a lady boss takes a maternity photo, it doesn't look like any other.


    Cheers to more preggos and more photos that highlight and celebrate their growing baby bump!

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