26 Buwan ng Wika Costumes: Take a Bow, Parents, for the Amazing Work!
PHOTO BY courtesy of Karina Ramos, Daphne Eustaquio, and Andrei Belardo
  • It has been four days since the month of August, but we still have Buwan ng Wika fever, thanks to the parents who sent photos of their children clad in traditional garb. It all started when mom Andrei Salvador-Belardo, whose tiny DIY dollhouse previously caught our eye, shared with us another one of her DIY creations — a Filipiniana costume made out of "banig"! It got us thinking — what other creations did other parents come up with for this school activity? 

    Whether they went the DIY route or just bought costumes from the store, these moms and dads showed that they were willing to go the extra mile for their kids to look their best and be able to celebrate this school activity in style.

    Scroll down for our favorites!

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    Andrei made her daughter Alexa a Fililpiniana dress using old banig and placemats. Her headdress was made out of a pamaypay!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Andrei Salvador-Belardo
    Pio Chavez, 6, channeled Andres Bonifacio, Father of the Philippine Revolution.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Kath Perez-Chavez
    Eliana Carreon, 4, wore a T'Boli costume.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Vernie Teves-Carreon
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    Qayla Xophia Bactol, 7, is pretty in pink in her Balintawak dress.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Rona Rose Lina
    Daniel Penano, 5, is so cute in an Igorot costume.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Anlo Penano
    Friends Czaree Ramos, 6, and Nigel Español, 6, went for tribal and baro't saya costumes.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Diana Flor Mariano
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    Gregory Gozo, 4, went as a datu from the Maranao tribe.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Coleen Ashley Gozo
    Airey De Leon, 6, accessorizes with a Buwan ng Wika staple — the malong! 
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Aikz de Leon

    Even babies like Hyacinth Presilda, 6 months old, can't help but join in on the fun. Start 'em early, as they say!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Carmen Beltran
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    Lucas Cusi, 4, completed his traditional costume by sticking feathers onto his sandals. Galing!
    Hello to this cutie — Dareen Bautista, 2, wearing a modern Filipiniana!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Din Real-Bautista
    This flowery interpretation of a barong tagalog by mom Aya Sison-Banaag, for her son, Ton 11, must have been a hit with the ladies!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Myrza Sison
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    More flowers, this time in a kimona and patadyong costume by Aithania Abrian, 5.  PHOTO BY courtesy of Cacai Abrian
    The details on this ethnic costume is...wow. Marcus Sanfuego, 6, won second place in his school's costume contest!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Joy Biag-Sanfuego
    Ericka Palma, 4, is simple but cute in her kimona at patadyong.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Ericka Palma
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    Katrina Bacungan's mom put a lot of effort into this beautiful dress made of newspapers and matching umbrella and bag!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Karina Ramos
    This filter sure made a difference in showcasing the barong Tagalog and Maria Clara of siblings Jacob, 7, and Arwen, 4.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Grace Ann Tapales
    Another baby — Luke Bacarisas — in a Barong Tagalog!
    PHOTO BY Photo courtesy of Sky Bacarisas
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    Noon at ngayon — Bonna Suarez shared a snap of her costume in 1993 and her daughter Sophia's costume in 2018.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Bonna Suarez
    Meredith Espiritu, 2, in her Baro't Saya.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Marilou Espiritu
    Engels Tagala, 6, is another Katipunero. Mabuhay ang Katipunan!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Jingle Tagala
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    Sofia, 4, looks beautiful in her kimona and patadyong.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Mia Calantoc
    Bronze, 4, looks so confident in his Bagobo costume!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Summer Jeffy
    Jesumarie, 8, is a true dalagang Filipina!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Belle Magsino
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    Zarina, 3, looks dainty in a yellow baro't saya.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lizbeth Love
    Mom Ruru Manalaysay shares that she sewed her son, Shaun's tribal costumes by hand using sacks of sugar, abaca, and banig. Well worth it because his son won in his school's costume contest for two years in a row!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Ruru Manalaysay
    Are you ready for your child's next school activity — United Nations Day? Send in their costumes at smartparenting2013@gmail.com!



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