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These 'Milk Bath' Maternity Photos Are Dreamy and Gorgeous!
  • When it comes to immortalizing pregnancy, moms-to-be and photographers never seem to run out of ideas. Now, after underwater-themed maternity shoots, we've spotted another trending theme that looks awesome: milk baths! And when we think about it--pool vs tub--these are easier to shoot and maybe even more gorgeous. You be the judge.  

    The latest milk bath-themed maternity photo shoot making the rounds online is the maternity photos of Keturah Antongiorgi, a 26-year-old U.S. Army officer and a soon-to-be first-time mom who is expecting her baby boy in September. She had planned to do a couple pregnancy shoot with her husband, but she also wanted to do something on her own.

    After looking for inspiration online, she wrote on her blog, "All of them were beautiful, yet still owned its own sense of uniqueness. [But] something about the way the milky-white water disguises just enough lured me in." 

    Keturah got Neva Michelle Santiago of Neva Michelle Photography on board, who also wanted to do a similar concept shoot. "For the color scheme, I wanted it to be soft and feminine, so I chose to go with more pastels and white colors. I wanted her to remember how peaceful and happy she felt in the last month before her baby boy arrived," Santiago told The Huffington Post.

    Neva used creamer mixed into the water as opposed to real milk to get the opacity she wanted and used faux blooms in the color scheme she planned. "All I had to do was sit in the tub and look pretty," Keturah remarked.


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    Photographer Ashley McGinty of Griot Photo, on the other hand, used real milk for her milk bath-themed pregnancy shoots, too. "So many moms opt for a water birth for the same reasons — it's a comfortable and natural environment for mom and baby. The beauty with milk bath sessions is you can keep them simple but they're also extremely versatile depending on the look you desire. You can add anything as decor, even color the water, and endless options of attire," she told Pop Sugar Moms.


    If you want to focus on the subject, a.k.a., the preggo mom, a plain milk bath would do, suggests photographer Tiffany Burke of Tiffany Burke Photography on Popular Photography. “But flowers and other organic decorations can give your photo texture and contrast." Organic decor can mean flowers and greenery, whether you want to use real or faux ones. Think of it as fusing natural elements with the tub of milk.

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    As for clothing, Burke goes for sheer fabric such as lace, tulle, or simply going nude. It's a great option for moms-to-be who want to have a boudoir shoot without revealing too much, just like Keturah. And if they want their older kids included in the shoot, it’s an easier-to-control environment.

    “Never leave a baby unattended; make sure the water level is not too high; and check that the water temperature is safe—all the usual rules apply,” Burke stresses.


    Aside from theier websites' links above, you can also visit Neva Michelle on Facebook and Instagram, Ashley on Facebook and Instagram, and Tiffany on Facebook and Instagram to see more photos. To see other milk bath maternity shoots by other photographers, click here

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