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Here's How You Get Your Kids A Birthday Party Like Lucho's

Lactum 3+6+ throws a birthday party for Lucho Agoncillo to kick off the Laking Lactum 3+6+ Birthday Promo.

Special milestones in childhood, like birthdays, are the best time where you can channel your child's energies to celebrate, teach a lesson on generosity, and provide a more meaningful experience that's worth remembering for a long time.

With the help of Lactum 3+6+, that's what Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo did for her son Lucho for his birthday. This happy event also kicked off the Laking Lactum 3+6+ Birthday Promo, which also opens the possibility for moms who want to do the same.

Energetic Lactum 3+6+ kid Lucho Agoncillo had a blast as Lactum 3+6+ threw him a birthday party. He celebrated his special day with the children of Kabisig ng Kalahi, an organization that feeds undernourished kids, and also his family and close friends. 

Lucho and the kids enjoyed traditional party games like newspaper dance, bring me and longest line. They also had a treat full of interactive digital fun with the ultra hip Future Park experience.

In between the hustle and bustle of the games, Lucho also shared a lot of tender moments with his mom that truly show how proper nutrition, engaging activities, and a healthy mother-and-son relationship makes the tiniest moments memorable for both of them.

With the Laking Lactum 3+6+ Birthday Promo, moms can get a chance to have the same kind of fun and memorable birthday party for their child. The parties will happen this November 2016, and January and February 2017. To join, moms just have to share their child's unique stories on how Lactum 3+6+ became their partner in helping provide 100% nourishment* to their kids. Among the entries, the five best stories will be chosen.

The 5 lucky winners get to have a joint birthday party with 50 guests each. Similar to what they did with Lucho's super fun party, Lactum 3+6+ will supply the venue for the lucky Lactum 3+6+ kid winners complete with catering, cake, loot bags, entertainment, and different activities.

Join the promo and give your child the best birthday party ever! For more details about the Laking Lactum 3+6+ promo, visit the Lactum 3+6+ website.


*With 3 balanced meals a day 

This article is sponsored by Lactum 3+.