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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes? These Moms And Dads Got Creative With Their Outfits
PHOTO BY (FROM LEFT) Jashmine Bailon and Geli Tamayo
  • What makes Halloween even more fun for kids are the costumes. After all, it's not every day that they can dress up as their favorite character or give others a fright with their spooky outfits.

    Luckily, the pandemic has not dampened this holiday — it seems like every year, the outfits get more creative and outrageous! Of course, it's all thanks to the parents who think of the best Halloween costumes for their kids (and whom we think are really the ones who enjoy this even).

    Halloween costume ideas from the Smart Parenting Mom and Dad Squad

    Still looking for inspo for this year's festivities? Or are you already planning for next year? Here are some matchy-matchy ideas from the members of our Smart Parenting Mom and Dad Squad that you can pull off even at the last minute.

    Princess Jasmine

    Nadiah was super happy with this costume and it really made her feel like a princess!
    PHOTO BY Ann Savage

    Mommy Ann Savage's 6-year-old daughter, Nadiah, is all smiles in this DIY Princess Jasmine outfit that didn't cost a thing! The dress is from Nadiah's ate and the head accessory is actually a necklace. Nadiah had so much fun at her schools' virtual Halloween party!

    Alice in Wonderland 

    A+ for this family's effort. Just wow!
    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Dyan Dy-Gayas
    watch now

    Mommy Dyan Dy-Gayas's two kids, Gian, 8, and Giullian, 5, enjoyed the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass, so the whole family decided to dress up as characters from the movie! They nailed the look not just because of the costumes, but because of the makeup for each character!

    Cruella de Vil

    Reese is the cutest Cruella de Vil we have ever seen!
    PHOTO BY Gail Arricivata

    Channeling her inner Cruella de Vil is 1-year-old Reese! Mom Gail Arricivata shared that everything in this costume was DIY's — the top is from Reese's closet, and the coat, skirt, and choker were all from mommy! 

    Blippi and Boss Baby

    We're sure a lot of kids would love to dress up as Blippi, too!
    PHOTO BY Geli Tamayo

    Can you guess why mommy Geli Tamayo chose these costumes for her kids? It's because her son, Tonyo, 3, really loves Blippi and they consider their bunso Yonyon, 1, as the boss and happy pill of their house!

    The hat, glasses, suspenders, and tie were bought for only Php400 online, while the rest are Tonyo's own clothes and toys. Yonyon's costume came from gifts for his first birthday, so all they bought was the shoes, which were on sale for Php100.

    Mario and Luigi

    This is a nice twinning Halloween idea for baby and daddy!
    PHOTO BY Jashmine Bailon

    Here's a cute backstory for these costumes: Mommy Jashmine Bailon's son, Aedrin Nous, celebrates his birthday on March 10, which looks like Mario (Mar10) when shortened. That's why she and husband Aedrin Joseph decided to go for the matching costumes since Super Mario is the couple's favorite game!

    They DIY'd this look using cartolina, art papers, and their own clothes. The cost — Php50!

    Netflix and Chill

    Joselle shares, "We got to eat and drink the popcorn and the coke!" Instant party!
    PHOTO BY Joselle Ona

    For Joselle Ona and family, dressing up as something trendy for Halloween is a family tradition. This year, their concept was “Netflix And Chill”, which they like doing every weekend as a family.

    For 4-year-old Likha's DIY popcorn costume, they used a red dress while mommy DIY'd the details — the popcorn box hair accessory, the design on her chest, and the tulle skirt layer filled with popcorn. To make the popcorn, Joselle used wallpaper and markers. Alab's Coca-Cola costume is a onesie bought online, along with the couple's shirts, which totaled to Php330. 

    Long, the Pink Dragon

    Halloween wish granted!
    PHOTO BY Judy Santiago Aladin

    According to mommy Judy Santiago Aladin, her 2-year-old daughter, Therese has always been fascinated with dragons. When she was asked what she wanted to be for Halloween, she answered, “Dragon! With fire!”

    Well, the little girl got her wish — she became Long, the pink dragon from the movie Wish Dragon. Judy created the costume using old cardboard boxes and party decorations. It only cost her Php120 to put together as she had to buy glue gun sticks for the outft. 

    Snow White and the Evil Queen

    Can't forget the apple, too!
    PHOTO BY Nikki Viola

    Mommy Nikki Viola and daughter Adeona would be celebrating their first Halloween, so she bought a reasonably-priced costume online. Nikki used her makeup skills to match her daughter as the Evil Queen. 

    Butterfly and ladybug

    Super cute!
    PHOTO BY Sarah May Tanhuaco-Tan

    It was a no-gastos and fun-filled Halloween for mom Sarah May Tanhuanco-Tan and 2-year-old daughter Sophia. The ladybug costume was borrowed from her cousins, while the black long sleeves and pants were from mom's clothing company, Jersey Haven. To achieve the butterfly costume, Sarah put on black pipe cleaners on a headband and she borrowed wings from Grandma's closet. 


    Squid Game

    We predict that Squid Game-inspired costumes will be the most popular choice for this year's Halloween festivities!
    PHOTO BY Shaina Santiago-Moraga

    Mom Shaina Santiago-Moraga bought her 1-year-old son, Raha, a light and comfy green tracksuit for Php500. It looks similar to the ones that the players in the movie wore! To complete the set, she dressed up as the giant doll from the 'Red Light, Green Light' game, while her husband dressed up as one of the masked guards.


    Yoda and Princess Leia

    Aren't they just the cutest?
    PHOTO BY Victoria Dang

    The Dang family is a big fan of Star Wars and the Mandalorian, so they dressed up as characters from the movies! Mom Victoria Dang dressed up as beautiful and fearless Princess Leia and she also bought a Yoda outfit online for his son, Seiya. 


    Share your Halloween costumes with us by sending an email to smartparentingsubmissions@gmail.com. For more costume ideas, click here.

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