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Leave Mama Alone This Mother's Day, Advises This Dad
  • It’s that time of the year again and for sure, most Dads are thinking of what to give Mom for her special day. Usually this ranges from flowers to chocolates, dinner out or a special material gift but do you know that there’s a very special gift that you can give your wives for Mother’s Day that she definitely deserves? Alone time or freedom from her daily chores.

    Yes Dads, that includes us and the kids. 

    My wife Ciara and I have been parents for three years now with no help from a nanny so talagang hands-on kame ni misis. Our day pretty much revolves around our son and our schedule is dictated by our ability to coordinate with one another. Team work is key and proper delegation of responsibilities at home.

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    But because we both still work, talagang mas busy si Misis with our son than me. There are days when I need to have face-to-face meetings and my son stays at home with his mom. I’m sure he is a handful dahil three years old na siya. Alam ninyo yang stage na yan, talagang test of patience. Parenting and home roles for Mom and Dad should never be a competition, this is something that we should never weigh or walang bilangan but I have to admit and I am sure most dads will agree, Mom spends more time with our children when they are still at an early age just like our son Joselito.

    Kaya naman, napaka special for us when we get to go on a staycation. Ito yung bakasyon pero nasa hotel lang kayo. Aircon all day, really comfortable bed, nice bathroom with bath tub and eveything you ned within reach. My family lives in Laguna since we moved during the start of the pandemic kaya staying in the city, Makati, Ortigas, Manila, is now a special treat.

    We recently stayed in Marco Polo Ortigas for a weekend and wow, that was such a good experience for us three, especially for my wife. She got her much needed alone time and my son and I had our little father and son weekend adventure. Ok diba? Para kay Mommy, pero kami din ang nag enjoy, ganyan tayong mga Dads mag-isip, kailangan sulit.

    The author and his son enjoyed biking in Ortigas business district, which is available on the weekends.

    So why is a staycation worth it for us? And why it’s something worth trying for all you busy Mumshies and Dadbuds?

    1. It’s convenient because you can do it in any city, even the city where you are staying. A hotel stay is always nice because of the amenities that comes with it. Plus, hindi mo kailangan mag-ligpit, mag-linis at mag-isip kung ano ba ang kailangan ayusin sa bahay. Convenience is king and a hotel definitely knows how to spoil you with it. Hindi kayo mag-aaway dahil hindi ka kailangan pag-sabihan ni misis na mag-ligpit. 

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    2. Swimming, bonding, and all the amenities that come with it. I remember that as a kid, staying in a hotel has always been a special treat. The elevator rides, running in the hallway, and going around the whole building like it’s an adventure park. This was really something my son and I enjoyed doing while Mommy was having her alone time in the room. 

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    3. Location and the activities around the hotel is also fun to explore for Dad and kids. When we stayed in Ortigas, it was a surpise that there are activities like biking and a food park along Emerald Avenue. This was very special for me and my son dahil first time namin nakapag-bike and he enjoyed it. This is the perfect time for Mom to go around and have her time to visit the mall. Enjoy naman gumala mag-isa ang mga Moms dahil walang makulit na kid and Dad. 

    'Let Mom have some alone time too. Take care of the kids for a few hours so she can have a break.' -Joey Ong

    4. Take advantage of this time to give Mom some alone time for her personal things like going to the salon, having her nails done, and getting pampered. This is a treat we can give our wives plus after this, for sure mapapa-wow tayo sa ganda ng ating Misis. “Anak, matulog na kayo!”

    5. Give in to let her binge watch her favorite K-Drama series or show. It would be a nice surprise to download some of the shows she’s been bugging us about. This will also let her know that we do listen to her never-ending stories about the drama she is currently watching. Again, listening is one of the best ways to show affection without having to spend on anything. #tipidtips


    6. Set up the bathroom with candles and a nice bubble bath to get her in the right mood and again, “Anak matulog na kayo!”

    Daddies muna ang mag-alaga sa mga bagets ngayong Mother's Day, para talagang makapag-relax si Mommy. Here's what the author did, take his son swimming!

    7. Breakfast buffets are the best! Isipin mo gigising nalang kayo tapos ayan na at ready na ang almusal. Wow, diba? This is our favorite when it comes to having a staycation, waking up without having to worry about anything and this is the best gift you can give Mom. A worry-free morning is definitely priceless. 

    It’s very important to give each other the much deserved alone time, especially for Moms who spend a lot of time taking care of the kids. This coming Mother’s day, let’s make sure we don't stress her out and give her this one day na hindi iinit ang ulo niya satin.

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    Gifts come in many forms--material gifts are great but time is special. For our family, even though we pretty much spend a lot of time together at home, a quick weekend staycation never fails to bring us closer and bond as a family. It’s cheaper than going on a trip but it ticks all the right boxes for a nice weekend family time.


    So for all the dads who are thinking of what to get Mom for Mother’s Day, think about spending it together in a staycation and then surprise her by taking the kids out for a few hours so she can have a break. (If you're on a budget, you can also give her alone time by taking out the kids for a few hours and letting her do whatever she wants. -eds) We all know she desereves those 3 to 4 hours of sanity away from her kids. And away from us. Make the most of it and look at it as spending quality time with your kids.

    Mother’s Day is very special because we are celebrating the main reason why we are all here today.

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