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    You just have to love the uncanny confidence of little kids. 

    A little girl named Lily wanted to find out the surprise gift her dad said mom had in store for her once she wakes up. Her sleuthing method: pose as her dad via a letter. If that isn’t total self-assurance, we don’t know what is. 

    The letter starts off with “Dear Wife,” which could be a little suspicious, we admit. “what Did you get Lily for a surprise again. I forgot. Please Reply here,” it reads. Then it continues with a few blank lines to ensure mom has enough space to write down her answer. So mom knows that the letter definitely isn’t from her daughter, the note signs off with “Love: Don”

    We think Lily could have gotten away with it if she avoided calling mom “wife,” for example, and a little bit of practice with capitalization. The childish handwriting and forgetfulness can be typical dad, anyway. (Haha, we hear the dads say.)

    The note was originally posted on Reddit by EndlessLazer and has since gone viral. A user on Reddit who claims to be the infamous Don reveals the back story: “Lily is my stepdaughter and she is very clever. I told her that if she stayed quiet while my wife took a nap she would get a surprise. Wife (Krysta) woke up to find the note on the kitchen counter.”

    He also reveals the surprise to be Reese's Sticks. 

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