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Look! Mom Picks Mermaid Theme for Her Breastfeeding Photo Shoot
PHOTO BY Mermaid Aubrie/Instagram and Kyiera Jones Photography/Instagram
  • Being a mom is a gift and a milestone that we want to remember and go back to or share with our kids someday. Taking a photo is one way of preserving and celebrating those precious memories. In fact, every day we are amazed at how moms find ways on unique concepts for their photos shoots.

    A case in point is this mom from Kailua, Hawaii, who shared on her Instagram a photo of herself lying on the beach at sunset with her 1-year-old daughter nursing on her breast. Mermaid Aubrie, as she is known on Facebook and Instagram, and daughter Ocean Luna are certainly not new to dressing up as mermaids, but she specifically posted her breastfeeding as a mermaid photo to take a stand against those who shame mothers who nurse their child in public.

    Aubrie shared that a person once shamed her for breastfeeding, telling her that she could get kicked out of restaurant or get stared at for breastfeeding without a cover. "Good thing I knew my rights when she approached me... I stated that I simply don't care, all I care about is feeding my hungry baby," she related.

    "It blows my mind that one of the most purest natural loving acts of nature is frowned upon when a baby wants to eat in public by some people," Aubrie wrote. 

    "Breastfeeding is beautiful, natural, loving, and sacrificial and can be very painful at times. Mothers need to be encouraged with positive energy, not low vibrational shaming," Aubrie continued. "So whenever you see a woman especially a new mother breastfeeding send her good vibes, it's hard enough for new mamas." According to her, posting #Brelfies, or breastfeeding selfies, will help raise "awareness about this issue that shouldn't be an issue at all."


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    It turns out that Aubrie isn't the only one who had the idea to capture breastfeeding mermaids on photographs. Photographer Kyiera Jones has used the same idea as a peg for her mom and baby photo shoots. 

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    According to her website, Kyiera loves "to capture the magic, the beauty, and the love in your life." Breastfeeding on its own is lovely to behold, but her take on it takes it up a notch, incorporating the magic and whimsical feeling of a mom being able to nourish and nurture her child. It shares Mermaid Aubrie's aim to create awareness and help #NormalizeBreastfeeding.

    "There are so many women ashamed of publicly breastfeeding when they shouldn’t be. I have become a big supporter because I remember sitting in IHOP my first time nursing in public--covered and nervous of people watching--when I shouldn’t have to feel that way. My goal is to empower, spread knowledge and normalize something so natural with my own artistic touch," Kyiera told SheKnows.

    We can’t agree more. This photo shoot not only helps promote nursing as a natural sight, it also puts a whimsical spin on your mom-and-baby photos. Be in the Little Mermaid’s, er, tail for a day while breastfeeding--it is a great story to tell your child someday.


    Follow Mermaid Aubrein on Facebook and Instagram and visit Kyrie Jones Photography's website or on Facebook and Instagram for more photos.

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