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Cash, Me Time, And Uninterrupted Sleep: Mother's Day Gift Ideas According To Moms
  • “A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take,” said Cardinal Mermillod, a Catholic cardinal, which we know is true in every way.

    Mother’s Day is right around the corner, a special day when we celebrate and honor mothers, the irreplaceable warmth of her embrace, the comfort of her arms, and her unconditional love and sacrifices.

    The tricky part is we all want to make our dearest Nanay, Mama, Mommy, Inay feel loved and appreciated, but we are not really sure what will make her happy.

    The usual bouquet of flowers? Some chocolates? 

    Smart Parenting took to Facebook and we asked moms what they really want for Mother’s Day--no beating around the bush, no hesitations--just what they really want for the special day, plain and simple.

    Mother's Day gift ideas

    1. Cash

    From almost 800 comments (and counting) of moms, one gift for Mother’s Day stood out--"cash!" MaMonica Lloret Tecson said, “P7,000, Wala ng paligoy-ligoy.” Plain, simple and direct!

    Mariel Santos just plainly said, “P10,000 cash”.  Maureen Mary Ann jokes, “Gift check worth 1M.” Yes, from all the moms out there, we really want this!

    And all the moms say, "Amen!"

    But no, moms who want cash are not entirely selfish. The cash moms want will be used for buying things not just for themselves, but for the whole family. Buying groceries without a budget restriction, unlimited stock of milk and diapers, paying bills and loans. Maybe a cup of coffee or a new bag for herself, but most of it will be spent for the whole family.


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    2. Sleep and massage

    In a study made by Owlet Baby Care, 43% of the moms of babies aged 0 to 6 months old sleep for only one to three hours. That’s just the first six months of a kid’s life, excluding sick days. 

    'Massage, sleep and another sleep,' -Mutya Otani-Yumang

    So yes, moms are always sleep-deprived! No wonder some moms in the comment section really, really want longer hours of sleep. And not just sleep, but relaxed and uninterrupted sleep. Jona Delos Reyes Librero didn’t even want anything fancy, “Tulog lang, sapat na.”

    “Massage, sleep and another sleep,” Mutya Otani-Yumang said. “Full body massage,” Yaslind Erquiza added. For sure, massage will definitely fix that sleep!

    Kris Jenelyn Pasiona shared another *secret* for a longer sleep, “Longer uninterrupted sleep, nice warm bath, and massage (na pwede din yung may happy ending).” Oops, rated SPG!

    Moms want anything for relaxation.
    watch now
    Moms are in dire need of catching up on sleep. I don’t think we can ever recover from being sleepless, but once in a while, it’ll be nice to have it. 

    3. Staycation

    A different view from the usually messy house, a breath of fresh air - that’s what we all want, too! Erika Moran described a perfect Mother’s Day staycation. “Staycation with unli-sleep, wine, strawberries, pasta and pizza.. Preferably near a beach!”

    Yes, moms would love a vacation!
    I can almost taste the wine and pizza and feel the wind, just by imagining that! Dads, take note! Book that staycation now!

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    4. Quality time with family

    Some moms wish just for a simple quality time with the family, Joana Mundala Ilagan added, “Makasama ko mga anak ko sa galaan.”

    'Me time, mga 1 year!' -Judy Santiago Aladin, Smart Parenting Senior Staff Writer

    Vinz Avila-Mendoza also shared, “A quality time and a simple treat for the whole family.”  That’s what moms were asking for in the thread, something for the whole family.

    5. Me Time

    This is my personal wish for Mother’s Day. A day, or even a few hours when I can just sit down, slowly (I mean no toddler running around and worrying if the coffee might spill) sip a hot cup of coffee, “matulala lang”, maybe read a book.

    Judy Marie Santiago-Aladin, Smart Parenting’s Senior Staff Writer jokes, “Me time, mga 1 year!” Yes, yes, yes. 


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    Some may wonder why moms always ask for ‘Me Time’, but just a few minutes, or hours without attending to anyone’s needs, without answering millions of questions, without finding something that is lost in the house, without being interrupted, it’s essential. We need it. 

    Don’t get moms wrong though, we love our families so much, but a few hours without being needed by anyone can be healing for us, too. 

    Please take care of the little ones during our Me Time, Dads!

    6. Pamper Time

    Whether a stay-at-home mom, working mom, or both, we always want to feel ‘beautiful’. Not to look good for others, but because we want to feel good about ourselves. The physical toll of being a mother is enough reason to sometimes want pamper and salon time. 


    Ayen Bautista-Grumal, mom of two-under-two, shared, “Full body massage, manicure and pedicure, hair treatment. Yan lang sapat na.” Dads, book that salon now!

    7. Appliances

    You know what surely makes a mother’s heart happy? New appliances! In the comment section, there was a variety of appliances wanted for Mother’s Day. Automatic washing machine, dishwasher, oven. But Nica Cruz has a very specific brand she wants, “Dyson vacuum. Again, Dyson lang dapat… Wala ng ibang brand!”

    Abby Singzon, member of Smart Parenting Village also dropped her specific wish, “Dyson.” She also wishes for the Dyson vacuum.

    Why do mothers love appliances? Simple, moms want to give their best to their family, may it be cleaning the house or doing the laundry. Plus it also gets everything done faster! (And its 'aesthetic' too!)

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    8. Gifts for the whole family


    Combing through the 800 comments from moms, I realized one thing. Moms may want something for special occasions, but more often than not, it’s not for themselves. It’s usually for the whole family and for the kids. 

    Now I get why my Mama always say, “Mauna na kayo kumain, masaya na akong nakikita kayong busog.” That’s pure and unconditional love. 

    Some said peace of mind for the whole family, good health, and healing for kids who are sick. Precious Agonos-Companero shared that she wants something for the whole family, “House and Lot.” Remalyn Dotnamo, on the other hand, wishes for supplies for her kids, “Gatas at vitamins ng mga anak ko, sapat na.”

    Another comment shows that our greatest desire as mothers is the well-being of our children, “Study well and stay kind and responsible...I’m more than happy,” Lons Singco Buagas said while tagging her kids. 

    This may sound cliche, but a warm hug from family means a lot to a mom, plus a reminder that she’s doing a great job, and that she’s the best mom in the world. It’s all good.


    Happy Mother’s Day, Smart Parenting moms!

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