• How About Going 'Nude With Nature' for Your Maternity Shoot?

    Don't have a concept for your maternity shoot? Let these stunning preggy photos serve as inspiration.
    by Rachel Perez .
How About Going 'Nude With Nature' for Your Maternity Shoot?
PHOTO BY @monsieur_plant/Instagram
  • Over the years, maternity photo shoots have become more of a necessity than a luxury – how can we not immortalize carrying new life? We've seen do-it-yourself month-by-month baby bump snaps to a full-blown themed studio or location shoots. Then, there's also the bold and daring concept of nude photographs. 

    If you're not too keen or comfy posing and being photographed wearing nothing but your birthday suit and your growing belly, here's an inspiration that may suit you. 

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    Artist, photographer, and urban gardener Christophe Guinet, of Marseille, France, turned her pregnant wife into a living work of art in a series of photos that documented the last few weeks of her pregnancy. The soon-to-be dad adorned her wife, Yeva, with leaves and flowers, and the result is nothing short of amazing. Look:

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    Christophe started photographing Yeva when she was 32 weeks pregnant until she reached her 36th month. "In this personal project, I wish to sublimate these weeks of patience and put the beauty of the woman in these magical moments where Nature and Love make perfect allies," the 39-year-old French artist, also known as Monsieur Plant, wrote about the photos on Vimeo

    "The selection of landscapes found in the series such as the forest, the mountains or the sea are elements that form part of my surroundings. The vegetable and body compositions merge, revealing gentleness and patience in a poetic universe," Christophe added. Looking through his Instagram, he has similarly used this technique in inanimate everyday objects as well. 

    Monsieur Plant's concept has everything you may be planning to incorporate into a maternity photo shoot based on popular trends: nature, flowers, water. It perfectly captures the serenity and beautiful time that is pregnancy. 

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    Yeva has since given birth to their first son, Léon, and Christophe named the photo collection after him and called it the "project of a lifetime." It is definitely nature's greatest art form. 

    Léon from Monsieur Plant on Vimeo.

    [h/t: Buzzfeed]

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