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  • Giving birth is truly a miraculous thing. We're sure you'd want to capture every moment you spent nurturing the baby in your womb and that's where maternity shoots come in.

    Pregnancy photoshoot ideas started to take off in 2015. There's just something so powerful about showing off your baby bump and pregnancy glow, seemingly proclaiming to the world that yes, you are a woman strong enough to carry another life inside you.

    There are studios that offer home service photo sessions, but if you're on a budget or you're not comfortable letting other people inside your house for the timebeing, you can totally do it by yourselves at home. Just remember: the best time to stage a maternity shoot is at around 31 to 35 weeks into pregnancy, when the belly is round and prominent, according to photographer Sofia Genato of The Stork Studio.

    4 pregnancy photoshoot ideas

    Where else would you get pregnancy photoshoot ideas than your favorite celebrities? Here are some of our favorite celebrity moms posing with their baby bumps, plus tips on how you can recreate it at home.

    Candid at Home


    If you don’t want to go big on the props, how about doing it Iwa Moto style? We’re in love with how she pulled this photoshoot idea while being totally comfy at home!

    How to recreate: Put on your comfiest clothes and find your favorite spot in the house. Spruce it up a bit so it looks picture perfect. You can be having tea in the veranda, lounging in the sala, or maybe reading a book in bed — the possibilities are endless!

    Try this tip from photographer Stanley Ong: Look for nice lighting. It can be by the window or door — with light coming through them. “Make sure that the light coming in is not too harsh,” Stanley says, adding that you can wait during the latter part of the day to avoid harsh sunlight coming in or utilize white curtains to diffuse harsh light.

    Bed of Roses

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    On December 12, 2020, actress Sheena Halili gave birth to a healthy baby girl. And before she shared her story on restarting her breastmilk flow, she also presented us with whimsical pregnancy pictures on her Instagram! Our favorite is where she’s literally on a bed of roses.

    How to recreate: The flowers are the key items in this photoshoot. But blooms can be expensive so before you make a purchase, first frame the shot. 


    Identify which area you'll be shooting in (get tips on how to get the perfect photos here), have mommy lie down and snap a photo. That way, you'll have a general idea on how many flowers you'll be needing. f you're on a budget, you can also opt for fake flowers — you can even use it to decorate the home!

    Surrounded by Nature

    Are you a plantita? Well, here’s your chance to show off your plants and baby bump all at once with this pregnancy photoshoot idea.


    How to recreate: The key to nailing this shot is the right framing. Have someone bring all your plants together in one place and find your spot before taking photos. Try out different angles until you get the perfect shot.


    If you have a garden or a balcony, you can just try out different poses and let Mother Nature do all the work — no styling needed. Just look at how Isabelle Daza and Rachelle Ann Go does it!

    Bare Walls and Silhouettes

    This is a popular idea mong celebs. Here are some who took advantage of bare walls and shadows to get that oh so dramatic shot.


    How to Recreate: Choose your best maternity dress like Aicelle Santosor, like Georgina Wilson, your best bikini. Find a bare wall and pose away!

    For silhouettes like Joy Sotto's, stand in front of a window or door with natural light coming in. You can put thin, white, or sheer curtains on the window to fliter the light and create a soft glow. Make sure all the light is in your background and none in the foreground as you take photos.

    If you're using your phone, tap on an area where you are not standing. This will make your camera focus on that area and diffuse the light for the silhouette.

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