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WATCH: FERN-C kidz Celebrates Mother and Mother Figures

This Mother's Day, it's time to celebrate mothers who may not have given birth to the child but still manage to provide great love and protection every day.

The image of a mother has changed tremendously in the past decades, from the traditional stay-at-home mom to the working woman who balances her time between the home and the workplace. And in recent years, the number of OFW mothers has increased. These women selflessly choose to be away from their families to help contribute to a brighter future for their kids.

The role of mothers in the family constantly evolves, and different mother figures emerge whenever necessary. Family members and non-family members step in to ensure kids feel loved, supported, and cared for. With different kinds of mothers in their lives, children feel safe and protected, which is key to a happy childhood.

FERN-C kidz presents a mini series featuring how different mother figures have emerged through time. The series highlights and recognizes the kinds of mother that a child can have. Watch these videos:


The fathers who are trying to be both mom and dad to their kids


The teachers, who become second moms when the kids are in school


The yayas, who may not be biologically-related, but loved their alagas just like their own


The grandmothers, who despite the age, still give their 100% to their grandchildren

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Take it from a different kind of vitamin C provider, FERN-C kidz. No matter what type of mother you are, you deserve this special day.

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