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Moms Spill What They Really Like to Get for Mother's Day
  • On May 12, the world will celebrate Mother's Day. Yes, moms, we get one day of tribute for all our efforts, hard work, never-ending to-do list, sleepless nights, and constant worrying, and if we're lucky we might even get a gift! Flowers and jewelry are lovely, of course, and sure, a mug is always nice. It's the thought that counts!

    Of course, we genuinely love and appreciate that we get to eat breakfast in bed and stay in for lots of cuddles with hubby or the kids, and our hearts melt in receiving a hand-drawn card from our children. But if somebody asked you what you really want for Mother's Day, what would you say? Be honest.

    A Reddit thread was posted a few days ago asking just that: "Moms of Reddit: What do you actually want for Mother's Day?" The replies are not much of a surprise. No doubt—all moms would agree and relate to at least one answer, but reading the moms' answers can be humbling. Plus, it shows that there's still much equality to be achieved in the home.

    Sleep, sleep, sleep

    "I'd really just be excited to get uninterrupted sleep for a night."

    You are not alone, momma! Another mom replied she just wanted a nap for Mother's day. "A nap! Oh, a nap would be magical!" the mom, whose username is she_never_sleeps, wrote. Studies have proven that having kids may mean having disrupted sleep for up to six years after giving birth (or maybe even more), and that moms do get less sleep than dads.

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    A clean house

    "One night in a hotel to sleep....and to come home to a clean house that wasn’t cleaned by me."

    Half of the long Reddit thread are comments from moms wishing for a clean house that they didn't clean themselves. A good portion of that half is practically just giving up on having to ask their husbands or their kids to clean up, so the mom doesn't have to do much, and hiring a professional every so often was the golden solution if you have the budget for it. "A professional housecleaning service to come and clean my house. I honestly think most moms would love this," said one mom.

    One person said that some women may not see the act of cleaning the house as a special gift for Mother's day. Having a clean and orderly home is supposed to be a shared responsibility every day, just like parenting, so "do more than just clean," he said.

    A day off!

    "This is exactly what I want, to be able to sit and actually not have to worry about food, or laundry, or taking the dogs out... even showering for that matter for just ONE day."

    It would be nice not to worry about chores that you usually do, like cooking and cleaning. "A day to myself with zero household obligations," wrote another mom.

    Instead, moms deserve some sleep and a massage, or a day at the salon. "I'd like a little pampering myself for Mother's Day," one mom wrote. "A spa gift card is always going to be appreciated," read one comment.

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    It's also not just about the chores, but also having a day to ourselves to do anything we want to would be great.

    "[If] I could just relax without worrying about when my relaxation would be interrupted by my husband and kid coming home and needing help with stuff or attention," one mom said.

    "It's so tiring having everything in your head," said one mom who often gets asked where things are in the house.

    "Flowers and chocolates are overrated. Handmade gifts from kids are cute but practically useless, Being left alone and having a nap will do wonders for the psyche of all mums everywhere," wrote another mom.

    "I love being a mum and so mothers day should be a day to relieve me of my motherly duties," one mom admitted. One survey showed moms only get an average of 32 minutes of me-time a day! 

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    Spend time with loved ones

    "I'd rather spend time together doing something we all enjoy as a family like a picnic. Simple but meaningful."

    "I don't care about gifts of any kind, permanent or perishable. If I want something I'll buy it myself," said one mom.

    "I just want [my kids and I] to spend some time together. It could be anything you want as long as we get to interact... Seeing my children grow up to be good and reasonable people means more than anything else to me," she added.

    Another mom said she'd love to spend the day with her family, but she should get to call the shots as to what activities they do.


    No fighting

    "Just a day where I get home from work, they've done their chores, and they aren't bickering over nothing. It's not a lot, really..."

    She probably had to shout out a few reminders before her older kids get their chores. Her kids may also have trouble keeping the peace, which may mean that they love each other to bits. Still, you can feel more at peace without the noisy bickering. One mom even wrote that she just wants "an hour or two of total and complete silence." Another mom wished for quiet time to read a good book.

    Good ol' sex

    "I wanna bang my hot husband. He's the reason I'm a mama."

    It's not a popular request, but plenty enough to be noticed. Just because we're taking care of little humans doesn't mean we don't want to do the deed at all. Of course, we'd have to use protection. But every so often, moms want good intimate sex, like "a really good orgasm," as one mom put it. One mom even requested to have her husband "go down on her again at least once."

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    No MIL, please

    "A clean house, a long nap, and to not have to see my mother-in-law this year. It always turns into her day, but hi, I'm a mom too."

    We already know about having a clean house and having to be able to sleep, but it has come to our attention that a lot of moms end up spending it with their mom-in-law or their own moms instead of having a day to themselves. Filipinos generally don't mind since we love extended families, but apparently, a lot of moms have this sentiment.


    "I want my mother-in-law to step down and realize the day is no longer all about her and only her," said one mom. "Oh yeah, I've never once had a Mother's Day that's been about me. It's always for my mom and my MIL," one mom shared. "I don't actually care that much because we're lucky to still have our moms around and they are so helpful — and father's day is the same way — but I would still like a f**king nap," she admitted.

    One mom's solution is not bad: "I'd much rather have my husband take my kids over there [to his mom's] to do whatever she needs and leave me to lay on the couch with a good book." Another mom suggested spending the day before Mother's Day at their mom's or their mothers-in-law so she could have Mother's Day to herself.

    As one mom summed it up:

    "Most moms don't want 'things' for Mother's Day. We want our lives to be made easier, and we want to be appreciated."

    Some want me-time, others want time with the family. But the first step to getting what you want for Mother's Day is to ask for it. It doesn't have to be a surprise or a big one at that—although some moms consider it an icing on the cake, but only if your family read your mind right.

    Communication has always been key to good relationships. So, go ahead, tell your husband (or drop some great hints, if that's your thing) what you want this year for Mother's Day. It is our day, and we should get to decide how we spend it.

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