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Zeinab Harake's Monthly Milestone Vids Of Baby Bia As Disney Princesses Get Over 11M Views
PHOTO BY Instagram/zebbiana_
  • Zeinab Harake's daughter, Zebbiana or Baby Bia, recently turned 4 months old and she's back as a new Disney princess — Snow White!

    Zeinab used to portray the Disney princesses in mall shows for work and she even dressed up as six princesses for her maternity shoot back in April 2021. In one of her vlogs, she vowed to have the same theme for her baby girl's monthly milestone photoshoots and she's been fulfilling that promise ever since.

    Baby Bia as Disney princesses

    The popular vlogger has released four videos of Baby Bia's monthly shoots and as of this writing, the videos have gotten a total of 11.6 million views! Her Instagram account has also raked in more than 200,000 likes for the photos. As her dad, Daryl (also known as rapper Skusta Clee) croons in the song that he made for her, “'di siya nakakasawang tingnan.”

    Take a look at Baby Bia's transformations!

    Sleeping Beauty

    Baby Bia is pretty in pink!
    PHOTO BY Instagram/zebbiana_

    To celebrate Baby Bia's first month, Zeinab dressed her up as Sleeping Beauty or Princess Aurora. During the shoot, the little girl nailed the most important aspect of being this princess, which is sleeping. LOL.

    Check out the dreamy set-up, with hues of pink and filled with flowers and fairy lights.


    Even if the clock strikes twelve, Baby Bia will be as bubbly as ever!
    PHOTO BY Instagram/zebbiana_

    For her second month, Baby Bia transformed into Cinderella wearing a baby blue crocheted dress. Things went smoother this time around as Bia started to smile a lot more for the camera and everyone went squealing every time the little girl showed her cute, contagious smile.


    It’s crystal clear that Bia is the cutest Princess Jasmine!
    PHOTO BY Instagram/zebbiana_
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    It's a whole new world on her third month as Bia dressed up as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Mommy Zeinab made sure that she and her daughter would be twinning — her baby girl's costume looked exactly the same as Zeinab's costume for her maternity shoot. It even came with a hat that looked like Princess Jasmine's iconic long hair.

    Snow White

    Look at that big smile!
    PHOTO BY Instagram/zebbiana_

    For month number four, Bia became the beautiful Princess Snow White. Her blue, yellow, and red crochet dress looked so cute!

    The set design for this shoot, just like the others, was esqually spectactular. Baby Bia was surrounded by yellow and red flowers, complete with a ‘mirror on the wall’ prop!

    What Disney Princess do you think Bia will turn into next?

    Additional research by Czainnah Gajito

    Sheena Halili's daughter also dressed up as Disney Princesses! Click here to see the adorable photos.

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