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  • This Zombie Baby Photoshoot A Mom Did For Halloween Is Equal Parts Creepy And Cute

    We can’t decide if we want to say ‘aww’ or ‘eww,’ but we definitely admire this mom’s dedication!
    by Kitty Elicay .
This Zombie Baby Photoshoot A Mom Did For Halloween Is Equal Parts Creepy And Cute
PHOTO BY courtesy of Tiffany Renfroe/Facebook
  • Parents have done a great job making Halloween less scary for the kids, thanks to cute costumes and candies. But before we forget, this is also supposed to be the scariest night of the year — and we’re glad one mom decided to take on the challenge of combining creepy and cute when she staged a zombie baby photoshoot for her toddler!

    In a viral Facebook post, a “zombie baby” can be seen walking toward her zombie dad and then proceeds to “eat” the intestines protruding from his stomach. In some shots, the undead infant can be seen eating a hand. It’s so wonderfully shot and is equal parts terrifying and fascinating that we can’t decide if we want to say, “aww” or “eww” while scrolling through the photos.

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    The mom responsible for the photos is Tiffany Renfroe, a registered nurse and professional photographer from Alabama. On her Facebook post, she explains that she came up with the photoshoot after being tagged in a “baby blood bath pic” too many times to count. “I wanted to do something, but wanted something original,” she says. So she thought of bringing her husband, Daniel and her 11-month old daughter Oakley, along for a unique daddy-daughter session.


    Well, it is definitely one of a kind! Since Tiffany posted the photo series last October 23, the post has already gotten more than 52 thousand reactions, 36 thousand comments, and has been shared over 108 thousand times. Many were fascinated, but some concerned users worried about showing such horrifying things to a young child.

    Probably expecting the backlash, Tiffany clarified in her post that “no babies were harmed in the process.” She also did not use any special contacts for Oakley, writing that the eyes were edited post-shoot. “All props were edible, made by yours truly,” she shares.

    Oakley did not wear contacts for this shoot. Tiffany says she just edited the photo after the shoot.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Tiffany Renfroe
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    At the end of the photo series, Michael Myers from the horror movie Halloween appears to “rescue” the zombie baby, and it was probably the scariest part of the photo series. But Tiffany clarifies that “no babies were scared in this process.” It turns out Daniel is such a big fan of the movie that he practically wears the mask to bed.

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    Tiffany, who has two other kids — Kaiden, 10, and Gib, 5 — says her children are used to dressing up, and Oakley is no different. “Although she is intrigued by everything she is not scared,” she shares. “If anything, she was mad I wouldn’t give her all the gut goodies!”

    To see more photos, scroll down and decide for yourself if you find these photos horrifying or amusing. Fair warning though: the photos can be creepy and it’s enough to give you goosebumps!

    This zombie baby is probably thinking, "Shall I approach daddy?"
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Tiffany Renfroe
    We're amazed that Oakley is in character in almost all the shots!
    We wonder what this hand is made of. Oakley seems pretty delighted!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Tiffany Renfroe
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    The zombie baby finds this severed hand yummy.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Tiffany Renfroe
    Now this is a seriously creepy shot. It will give you goosebumps!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Tiffany Renfroe
    Dad Daniel Renfroe says this is his favorite shot.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Tiffany Renfroe

    To see all of Tiffany's photos, click here.

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    This article was updated on October 26, 2019 at 1:44 a.m.

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