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  • candy caneResearch upon research has not come upon an average weight gain for the holiday season. Some say a modest pound, which I honestly doubt, and others, five to ten notches on the scale…and it’s never because of that one meal at your sister’s where they served up chicken fried in pork fat or some crazy coronary abomination. It’s (no-thanks) because of those weekly office parties, reunions, and impromptu goodies dropped on our laps like the burnt fudge cookies which you had to buy from the teenager because her father’s two best friends are Smith and Wesson (you ate them anyway).

    Our eating/feasting culture in itself marries food and socialization, so you can surmise that the holidays will again be a big anniversary party, coupled with the fact that festivities here start earlier than anywhere in the world, look around you right about now!

    It’s not just about the calories
    The food obsession is not purely religious, nor anything negative like gluttony. It’s tradition. We are a happy people; shoving in spoonful after spoonful of rich, high-calorie delectable meals with each other gives us a good dose of happiness. Sharing a bottle of good wine or brandy, a case of beer or anything inebriating quadruples the fun. Add in dessert to cap the feast and we spell mega-calories.

    Unless you are a thirteen-year-old boy with growth spurt issues or you have four stomachs, you shouldn’t care. Put them all together and maybe you would have gained seven pounds and an inch and a half on your waistline. Some of us bust out our fat pants ‘til February, and the great many of us keep the weight for good.
    I’m not really big on calorie counting, as certain schools of thought allow for consuming the proper types of food as opposed to how much food you eat.

    Let’s say I have a 3 oz. (85 grams) piece of lean top round steak and you have a small 1 oz. (28 grams) serving of Lay’s Classic Potato Chips. With the steak I get 178 calories, and the chips, 150. However, note that with the beef, I have 48 calories from fat, a good 30.3g of protein, no carbs and just 38 mg. of sodium. Check out the potato chips!  90 calories from fat, 240mg of sodium, a minimal 2.4g of protein and 24.4g carbs! (Check out caloriecount.about.com)



    Click here to learn more how to calculate your required calories.

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