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  • How To Tell If Your Kids Are Getting The Right Amount Of Protein For Their Age

    Based on their age, you could be giving too much or too little.
How To Tell If Your Kids Are Getting The Right Amount Of Protein For Their Age
  • Protein is a nutrient that moms shouldn’t overlook when making sure their kids get balanced nutrition. But while most of us know about the many benefits of protein, some may be unaware that giving too much or too little of it can lead to health issues.

    For one, too much protein in your child’s diet may increase their risk of being overweight or obese. On the other hand, not getting enough of it may lead to stunting or pose adverse effects on their brain development.

    For these reasons, it’s essential to know precisely the right amount of protein children should get from their meals, based on their age.

    According to the Philippine Dietary Reference Intakes (PDRI) 2015, this is how much protein kids should get:

    But how do 30 grams of protein look like on your child’s plate? You can use Johns Hopkins Medicine’s table of protein content in common foods as a guide:

    As seen in the guide, milk can be an additional source of protein. This is why ensuring your children drink their glass of milk is helpful if you want them to meet their daily protein requirements.

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