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New Mom Iya Learns From A Past Mistake, Says 'Wait Until Bleeding Subsides' To Work Out
PHOTO BY Instagram/iyavillania
  • New mom Iya Villania has gone back to working out, two weeks postpartum.

    She gave birth to her and her husband Drew Arellano's fourth child Astro Phoenix on June 4, 2022. Baby Astro came after Antonio Primo, 5; Alonzo Leon, 3; and Alana Lauren, 1.

    Iya shared on June 18, via Instagram, a video clip of her return to the gym with a pull-up exercise.

    The entertainment anchor of GMA-7's newscast 24 Oras wrote in the caption, "With my doctor’s go signal I was able to start on a light workout today. Also, got to see whether I could still pull up or not… and the verdict?"

    It was a success, as shown in the video.

    Iya went on sharing a past experience with postpartum workout: "I tried this before, 2 days after delivering Leon, and boy was that a mistake. I ended up bleeding more."

    Thus this reminder to her fellow moms: "So pls wait until bleeding subsides before you guys start working out again. Those who had a CS may need to wait it out a little longer before working out again."


    Iya, who also cohosts the talk-variety program Mars, gave a rundown of her postpartum exercises for now:

    • 15-minute bike
    • Regular warm up (dynamic stretching) with light weights, which is about another 15mins
    • Breathing exercises to "refamiliarize my core with proper engagement and use"

    She also issued a disclaimer: "My workout DID NOT have pull ups!"

    She explained: "I only tested out 2-3 SINGLE reps to see whether I still had my pulling strength (out of my own curiosity) and was pleasantly surprised to discover I still did and posted this to celebrate that."

    She pointed out, "I’m in no rush to get 'sexy,' but having prepared my body for pregnancy and having the healthiest one so far (out of the 4), it’s allowed me to enjoy a faster recovery, and if its something I can do, I know it’s something many other mamas can enjoy too.

    "A healthy and strong mama makes a happy home. There’s nothing like being able for your family, not because you’re forcing it, but because you’ve conditioned your body and are simply able to."

    Iya mentioned about dealing with postpartum, which is also called the fourth trimester. Around this time, new moms may experience postpartum depression (PPD).

    She said, "The 4th trimester is crucial for recovering mamas and getting a night nurse and working out soon after delivery has been my winning combination post partum and has spared me from PPD."

    In closing, she pointed out, "This has been my journey, and I know it’s different for others. There’s nothing I could want more for other mamas than to have a healthy and safe pregnancy."

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    Why new moms need to exercise

    Exercise after pregnancy is essential, according to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). For those who had a healthy pregnancy and a normal vaginal delivery, you can start exercising again soon after the baby is born. It can be in a few days’ time or when you feel ready.

    However, if you had a Cesarean section (CS) delivery or experienced other childbirth complications, it’s best to ask your doctor when it’s safe for you to start exercising again.

    Here are the benefits, aside from helping you lose the weight you gained during pregnancy:

    • Making your body strong and toning your abdominal muscles
    • Boosting your energy level
    • Keeping postpartum depression at bay
    • Promoting better sleep
    • Relieving stress

    Read here for 5 easy-to-do-at-home exercises after the baby is born.

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