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  • The Perfect Mommy Exercise: Aqua Fitness

    Mom and contributor, Anne Macalino-Santos shares why Aqua Fitness is perfect for Filipino moms (and anyone looking for a different kind of work-out).
    by SmartParenting Staff . Published Apr 7, 2010
  • I am probably the laziest person when it comes to working out. I don't like going to the gym because it bores me.  I prefer engaging in sports where you play or compete with others. However it's so hard to get a quorum of people who like the same sport and have the same schedule.  I love the water so swimming a few laps every so often is the most I've done, but it can get pretty boring too. Admittedly, I don't have the discipline but I know I need the exercise. And in my quest for the best non-boring exercise, I believe I may have just found the perfect mommy exercise (well, it’s great for non-mommies too, of course).

    Aqua Fitness.  Some call it Aqua Aerobics or Water Calisthenics. It's basically exercising in the water.  It's perfect for me as it combines my love for water and my need for a good exercise.  Plus, I found the perfect group of ladies with the same free time.  Just perfect.

    Contrary to common perception that Aqua Fitness is an easy workout, it can actually get very intense! Our instructor Sharon Caoili, who has been teaching Aqua Fitness since 1999, says one can attain all the benefits you get from exercising on land, plus so much more!

    Exercising in water lessens the impact on your joints, thereby lessening the probability of injury and you get to do repetitive routines for a longer period of time.The water’s resistance acts as your weights, so you simultaneously do weights and cardiovascular training.With the water, you are able to workout unilateral muscles in just one motion. Example, when you do bicep curls, you push the water upwards as you curl and when you bring your arm back down you push the water downwards letting your work on your triceps.The pressure of the water that pushes your body as you move helping improve blood circulation.Water dissipates heat that enables you to do more exercises longer and workout without exhaustion or fatigue.As Sharon says “With a workout that has almost zero impact, (water) resistance all around, one that allows for better blood circulation and being cool all throughout, you are enabled to intensify your workout 12 times more than you do on land.”


    What can be better than that?  Well, maybe the fact that you get to chit-chat with your classmates as you do your exercises—making the workout much easier and definitely more fun!  Oh, and no equipment needed—just a pool, your swim wear, some friends and a bottle of water and you're good to go!

    Aqua Fitness is the best exercise for pregnant women, post-operation/injury patients, senior citizens and those with certain medical conditions. (Provided they have approval from their doctor, of course.)  I wish I found out about this when I was pregnant! As I mentioned earlier, it’s the perfect mommy exercise (even pregnant moms!).
    You'll be surprised to know that Aqua Fitness has been around since the late 80s, and Sharon tells us that only 3% of her clientele are Filipinos (that's probably our group!). Maybe it's high time for Filipinos to take advantage of our (nearly) year-round sunny climate and our melanin-gifted skin that is perfect for this workout!
    For more information and inquiries, please visit www.aqualogicswimco.com or you may call +63917-858 AQUA (2782)

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