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How I Lost Weight Without Exercise And Going On A Crash Diet'
PHOTO BY Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels
  • Many people resorted to happy eating at home in the middle of a pandemic with no end yet in sight. By happy eating, I mean sweets and treats, which is a known stress reliever. But too much of that with little exercise (since we can't go out) is not suitable for our health, which is even more critical today. 

    Here's an idea to balance happy eating. Back in 2016, I was about to get married. Being the always chubby girl, I wanted to lose a bit of weight before the big day, but I didn't have time to exercise. Plus, I only have little time to diet, and going at it drastically is a no-no. So, a friend introduced me to USANA Nutrimeals. 

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    Technically speaking, it's a weight-loss shake formulated as a nutritious meal replacement. You can choose between vanilla or chocolate flavor. You buy it as powder form, and it even comes with a shake tumbler so you can take it while on the go. 


    Designing your weight loss regimen

    You can buy USANA Mutrimeals in meal-sized servings or one big bag. I opted for the big bag of the Dutch Chocolate variant, which cost me about Php1,800. If you follow the big packet's instructions, it's good for nine servings only. It's good for only three days, so it is not exactly cheap. 

    Honestly, the price isn't ideal. I was spending a small intimate wedding, but my son's tuition payment is also coming up. Still, I needed the convenience of being able to lose weight without really doing any physical stuff. It's a good thing I buy my USANA from a friend, so I didn't have to pay upfront every time I needed to restock. 

    So I tried to work into my budget by designing my own weight-loss regimen. Instead of having mt shake thrice a day, I only drank it for dinner. I'd still have breakfast with my family and have a light lunch. One 9-serving pack lasted me about a week, and it was so much better for my budget. 

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    However, it also meant I have to be overly conscious about what I ate when I have an actual meal. Work kept me occupied, but I found that skipping a meal just makes me eat more when I get to eat. I tried to stay away from carbs as much as possible and eat as many greens as I could. 

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    Do meal replacement shakes work?

    What I did was similar to an after-six diet. But instead of not consuming anything but water, I drank USANA's Nutrimeal shake. It beats feeling hungry at times and being tempted to eat, to be honest. But does it work?

    I started drinking USANA's meal replacements shakes about two months before the wedding. I did lose a bit of weight based on the fit of my wedding dress. If I followed the suggested meal replacement shake regimen, I would have lost weight even more. Maybe.


    I stopped drinking nutrimeals on the wedding itself. I wanted to enjoy the food I ordered. I also haven't ordered it again since, mostly due to budget constraints. But I still strive to be healthy. 

    More than losing weight, though, it's the time to be extra conscious about our health. Other than the nutrimeal shakes, USANA offers many supplements such as Vitamin D, antioxidants, probiotics, and many more. Ideally, we should get our nutrients naturally from food. If you have the money to spare, why not. 

    If not, you need to stay true to the old fashioned but effective route of keeping your health checked. Eat healthily and be active.

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