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7 Things Happy Moms Always Do
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  • Having a child is really exciting yet challenging. Changing diapers, feeding the kids, and doing other household chores could take a toll on your self-worth, and there will surely be days when you will feel stressful and unhappy. 

    If you've been wondering why other moms seem to be unfazed by motherhood, here's why: it's all a matter of attitude! Here are practical and doable tips happy moms do that you can duplicate:

    1. They create their own happiness journal
    Instead of complaining about the things that didn’t meet your expectations, why not write down the things that make you feel thankful every day instead? Include simple pleasures in life such as having your favorite cup of coffee in the morning, a relaxing shower after a long day, and even hearing your favorite song on the radio. Sometimes it only takes one happy thought to help you carry on through the day.


    2. They take it one day at a time
    Do not put more on your to-do list than you know you can accomplish (and then start complaining that there is so much to do). Focus on the present.  

    3. They reach out for help
    There is nothing wrong about asking for help from family members and friends. Don't choose to stay at home when you could be having a dinner date with your husband just because you're afraid to ask who's available to babysit.

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    4. They have their BMFFs (Best Mommy Friends Forever)
    Sometimes the most effective way to get rid of a stressful day is to hang out with your friends. There's surely plenty of stories to share that will last for hours, and you'll find that just being like your old self for a while in the company of people you love instantly uplifts you.

    5. They escape when they need to
    This does not mean to abandon your responsibilities as a mom—you just need to get away from that stressful situation. Breathe in a positive outlook. Have a quick 15-minute break. Do things that calm and relax you, such as playing music, reading a book, or even calling a friend you can talk to. 


    6. They label their feelings with “feeling”
    Instead of saying “I am mad”, why don’t you try to say, “I am feeling mad”? There is indeed a big difference between the two. Adding the word “feeling” is very important, because it tells you that this is just an emotion that can be easily overcome; that it's just a feeling rather than something that you are.

    7. They find their passion, and they follow it!
    One of the keys to happiness is finding your own source of inspiration and joy. Find your own vocation or hobby and follow it. Some even make their passion  a source of income, which then also helps the family financially. 

    Don’t let the daily pressures of having a family consume your positive energy. Always be thankful, and remember that while motherhood is never easy, it is also one great blessing.  

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