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  • 8 Resolutions we Always Break – and How to Finally Keep them

    Don't give up on your resolve to get better this year! These tips can help you out.
    by Emilie N. Lucena .
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    The new year brings with it yet another list of resolutions. Even if we feel frustrated when we don’t get to complete them, we still make new year’s resolutions every time because we believe that this year will be different.  

    Well, why don’t we make our new year’s resolution for 2013 “to make it different”? Let’s make it a year where we will make a list AND tick off everything on it. Our secret: we’ll make baby steps, make a dent and actually START.

    Here are the New Year’s resolutions every mom wants to do - and simple ideas on how to take that first baby step.  

    Resolution #1: Eat healthier.

    Why we can’t keep it: Having a healthier lifestyle affords us the energy we need to keep up with our little ones, but the idea seems too overwhelming because it entails a total lifestyle makeover – not to mention that it’s so hard to give up yummy food!


    Baby steps: Choose one or do all of the following – every little bit helps.
    - Give up cola drinks for five days a week
    - Choose to have brown rice during lunch
    - Have a salad or a cup of fruit once a day  

    Resolution #2: Sleep more.  

    Why we can’t keep it: This is a tough one for moms!  Sleep is often a luxury that’s difficult to attain, but don’t fret - baby steps, remember?  

    Baby steps: Decide to go to bed 5 minutes earlier each night.  Yes, just 5 minutes.  By doing so, you’ve instantly added 1,825 minutes or more than 30 hours of sleep this year. Stretch it a bit and aim for a 10 minute power nap during the day and you’re on your way to getting more rest.  


    Resolution #3: Start saving.  

    Why we can’t keep it: There’s always something we feel we “need” to buy, and the credit card interest rate isn’t helping either. How can you save when there’s hardly enough to get you by every month?

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    Baby steps:  Set up an auto transfer from your payroll account to a savings account that is not accessible via an ATM, and then have 5% of your salaries automatically transferred each month.    You’ll hardly feel the pain, and by the end of year, you’ll be thankful to have been able to set up an emergency fund or start a savings pool for that dream vacation trip.  Another baby step you can take is to put an empty can beside the main door where family members can drop their loose change into each day.  Small coins can add up!

    Resolution #4: Be more organized.

    Why we can’t keep it: Because who has the time?

    Baby steps: Have ten minutes to spare this weekend? Open your closet and organize one drawer.  Got an extra half hour next Monday? Sort the past month’s bills and correspondence. A rare free hour this Saturday? Set out to tackle the kids’ toy cabinet and get your kids to decide which toys can be donated. Get your family involved and hold a once-a-month cleaning marathon! Devote one Saturday afternoon each month for this bonding activity where each family member does a particular chore.  Don’t forget to reward them with a hearty merienda afterwards!


    Resolution # 5: Find more “me” time.

    Why we can’t keep it: There’s always something more urgent, more important, that requires your full attention.

    Baby steps: The secret is deliberately carving out some time for relaxation so that your “me” time can finally happen. What do you want to do this year? Perhaps you’ve been wanting to pursue your passion for photography, gardening or painting. Allot just one hour every Saturday morning to engage in a hobby. If hitting the spa for a massage is more your cup of tea, then set up an appointment for a home massage on a Sunday afternoon. A bookworm? Grab a cup of expresso at the nearest coffee shop and read that juicy novel. The key is to make sure you schedule the time in your planner.  Slow down, super mom, and get that “me” time this year!


    Resolution #6: Start exercising.

    Why we can’t keep it: Most moms tend to start a gym membership with high hopes of getting on a regular exercise program but fail to return to the gym after a month. Then they get frustrated and give up exercising altogether.  


    Baby steps: Ten minutes a day of walking around the block where you live can get you going.  Find something you enjoy – a game of badminton, running with friends or dancing your stress away during a Zumba session. When you get into the habit later on, you can gradually do more and consider a long-term exercise program.  

    Resolution #7: Think positive!

    Why we can’t keep it: It’s easy to let stress get to us after a long, tiring day, and admit it – we all have those days when nothing just goes right.

    Baby steps: Author Suze Orman recommends asking these questions when you’re starting to feel downtrodden: “Will it matter in 10 minutes? 10 months? 10 years?” It helps put things in perspective. Have a photo of your family or a list of blessings you are grateful for wherever you go so that whenever negative thoughts start creeping in, banish them by taking a look at your photo or your blessings list. With a positive outlook, one can hurdle life’s challenges a little easier.   


    Resolution #8: Get spiritual nurturing.   

    Baby steps: Try the 3 Minute Retreat on Facebook, or listen to music that awakens your soul (try Bukas Palad muic) to help get you started on establishing a habit of spiritual reflection.  

    The new year brings us another opportunity to have a fresh start. These baby steps will get you on your way to having a fulfilling year. It’s never too late to start anew!


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