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  • 8 Essentials New Mom Should Have By Her Bedside Table

    You've prepared the house for baby's arrival. Have you gotten it ready for you?
    by Karla Magno Suguitan .
8 Essentials New Mom Should Have By Her Bedside Table
  • There are special areas of the house that new moms meticulously prepare before the arrival of their little one, like where the baby would sleep, the diaper changing table, and their feeding or nursing area. But there is one area that should be thoughtfully considered yet often neglected: their bedside table. Here are the items that should be within arm’s reach to make life a little bit easier during those sleepless days with your newborn.

    1. First aid for wellness

    Stash some aspirin, ointment, and a jar of nipple cream for any aches and pains you want to deal with before going to sleep. A small batch of your vitamins or supplements will also come in handy in case you forget to take them earlier in the day. If you subscribe to a more natural approach to pain management, have Doterra essential oils in Peppermint and Lavender or aromatherapy like Origins Peace of Mind and your stresses will ebb away as you drift off to la la land.

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    2. Water

    Hydration is key especially for breastfeeding mamas. Have a big bottle of water at the ready, so you can drink up after a late night feed or before you catch some zzz’s — whenever that may be. Pick a sealed leak-proof container like these ones from Igloo to keep it fresh. Consider also using a container that can hold more than the typical glass of water in case you get particularly parched.

    3. Earphones

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    While some babies can sleep through a vacuum cleaner, some will wake up at the slightest noise. Earphones can come in handy when you want some entertainment on your phone or tablet while baby is asleep. After use, make sure the wires are rolled up and stored safely away from baby’s prying hands. Coloud’s no. 4 earbuds come in a flat cable with a “ZoundLasso” clip that keeps the cord looped neatly in place. Plus, it comes in multiple bright color ways, so it’s easy to spot in the abyss of pillows and blankets. Another option is to choose the retractable type that lets you control the length of wire in use and allows you no effort at all to stow away.

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    4. Snacks

    Lactation cookies from Milkbombs (they also have muffins) and energy bars like Quaker Oats Chewy Granola and Nature Valley Oats and Honey are great to have on hand during days that your baby needs extra love and you cannot find the time to sit down for a proper meal. Have snacks at the ready to deal with hunger pangs while breastfeeding or pumping or when you wake up in the morning. It’s best to keep your food in a Ziploc bag to protect it from unwanted creepy crawlies.

    5. Dock charger


    The less cords to fumble with, the better, especially for a tired, groggy mom. Phone charging docks are functional and they also give your nightstand a modern edge like the Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand. Some docking stations also come with a speaker so you can play soothing music or white noise to keep baby serene.

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    6. Nightlight


    Avoid waking up your sleeping tot by using dim lighting when you need to change his nappy or if you have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. Skip Hop’s Zoo Take-along Nightlights can illuminate a room for all those midnight errands. Featuring Skip Hop zoo characters, these can also be used by little children as their companion in the dark to foster independence as they grow up. But for now, these compact, cordless lamps are a cute addition to momma’s nightstand.

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    7. Hand sanitizer

    Have a hand sanitizer or bottle of alcohol by your side when you get up from bed to develop the habit of sanitizing your hands before reaching in for your baby. Choose a spray or pump bottle for quick dispensing of the product like the ones that Biogenic offers.

    8. Sticky note and pen


    Place a pad of Post-it and a pen nearby to jot down things to remember that may otherwise keep nagging at you at night. "Mommy brain" is a real thing. With a multitude of tasks and information to keep track of like baby's daily schedule or poop count especially in the first few weeks, you might want to put your thoughts down in order to stay on top of things. And for hubby? Pen a short and sweet note and pin it on his pillow just so he knows you're thinking about him despite your erratic schedules.

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