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Moms Can Have Toys, Too! Here Are Sisters Ava and Isabelle Daza's Pleasure Products From Jellytime
  • Are you one of the women who are in a sexless marriage? Or, has having children or being pregnant completely changed your sex life? Don't worry, it's more common than you think -- and there's nothing wrong with you!

    While the Philippines enjoys progressive thought -- like feminism and access to popular media -- a pervasively conservative culture is still deeply-rooted in what only appears to be a modern society. Women tend to be afraid to talk about sexual pleasure, gender roles still exist, and a divorce law is taking forever to pass despite the clamor.

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    (Even breastfeeding awareness is an uphill battle that needs to be waged, though we must say, we have some pretty strong momma allies in that fight.)

    Ava Daza's advice for parents with kids: "Schedule sex! Scheduling sex can actually help make the experience more pleasurable because the build up is so exciting."

    Sisters and mommas themselves, Isabelle Daza Semblat and Ava Daza Zanirato, have founded a sexual wellness brand called Jellytime, precisely for sexual health advocacy and women empowerment. Jellytime, according to them, equates self-care with pleasure -- not just for moms and women, but for every body.

    Besides Jellytime, Ava and Belle are also the hosts of The Sexytime Podcast. Their previous guests includes their mother, the beauty queen Gloria Diaz, who told her daughters that it's her dream to have a one-night-stand! Besides that, they go through a range of topics from contraception and porn to mindful sex and virginity.

    "Schedule it when you know your kids are out or maybe when they're napping so you don't need to worry about them interrupting. And of course, lock your door."

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    Since they launched their flagship water-based lubricant, the eponymous Jellytime lube, in April 2022, it hasn't taken them long to roll out their other pleasure products. Recently, their long-time Yaya Luning made headlines as she promoted the Bobble, a personal vibrator that immediately sold out. Just today, they launched yet another product: the Chinchilla, a clitoral stimulator.

    Ava, who is also the Jellytime brand manager, shares, "We actually chose these toys when I was pregnant. We did our own R&D and loved it!" Ava gave birth to her firstborn, Leonardo, in May 2022.

    "I'm not sure if this is the case for everyone but we also hear lots of dads are afraid to have sex when their partners are pregnant," Ava added, "They're 'scared to poke the child,' some say -- although OB's have confirmed this doesn't happen!"

    "Oftentimes making love can become very transactional. Because you're so focused on your goal of getting pregnant, you forget the passion and pleasure that comes along with it. Try using a toy! It's fun and definitely helps maximize sensations!" - Ava Daza, Jellytime Brand Manager

    Many pregnant moms also worry that sex causes pre-term labor. However, as long as they are not at risk for a miscarriage in their first trimester or experiencing placenta problems later into the pregnancy, sex is safe and definitely okay when expecting.

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    Ava also says, "During these times, women experience a surge of hormones which result to them feeling extra horny -- and when they don't have a partner to help release this feeling, toys are the next best thing!"

    The Jellytime Trio: How To Use Each Pleasure Product

    1. For All Over: The Chinchilla



    The Chinchilla is designed with long "bunny ears" for clitoral stimulation. It is also all-body safe, which means it can be used to stimulate other erogenous body parts. The really interesting feature? It has 7 vibration frequencies so you can definitely keep things at different intensities.

    How To Use: Place the Chinchilla outside your body, not inside. Put it around the nipple, clitoris, or the perineum area to get you excited. It has one button that you hold to turn it on or off, and simply press to change frequencies.

    The Chinchilla comes with a USB charging cord, a pouch, and discreet packaging. It goes for P1,499 on Jellytime, Shopee, and Lazada.

    2. For On Top: The Bobble

    The Bobble is Jellytime's gift to the first-time sex toy owner. It has 10 vibration frequencies that can really open up the pleasure product virgin to a whole new world. The handle is 4.5 inches and the head has a 1.5-inch diameter. It comes with a pouch that makes it easy for you to discreetly carry around -- or hide from your children.

    How To Use: The Bobble is designed to be put directly on top of your vaginal area. While it isn't precisely a dildo, which you can insert into the vagina or anus, don't let anyone tell you what to do when it comes to what makes you feel good! As far as Jellytime is concerned, it's safe for insertion. (Use with the next product if you do.)

    3. For Inside: Jellytime Natural Water-Based Lubricant

    The personal lubricant is the product that launched the brand. The hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and affordable lube is safe to use with condoms, sex toys, and sensitive body parts. It contains plant-based ingredients like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to work with the body's natural pH and moisture levels. It's even safe to eat, or swallow (or lick). Be creative and adventurous!

    How To Use: Use a generous amount on your body to anticipate insertion of a toy, your partner's penis, or even your fingers. You can also put it directly on your partner or the toy. It's interchangeable, and really quite straightforward. And if you put too much or too little -- no harm done, just adjust along the way.

    The Natural Water-Based Lubricant is available for P295 on Jellytime, Shopee, and Lazada. Buy a trio bundle for P849.

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