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'FAT' Beauty Gonzalez Reveals She May Have This Mental Health Condition
PHOTO BY Instagram/beauty_gonzalez
  • Beauty Gonzalez recently took to Instagram to share how she really feels about herself and her body.

    "My Hubby tells me everyday, more than everyday actually, how lovely and fit I look," the actress said of businessman and art curator Norman Crisologo, whom she married in 2017. Their daughter Olivia is now 6 years old.

    Beauty went on mentioning those who give her with compliments: "Olivia never fails to tell me how skinny and sexy she thinks I am. You my dear followers shower me with kind words always."

    She added, "Good things right? I should be at the top of the world."

    She then revealed, "But if you ask me about myself, all I ever see and all I ever think of myself is FAT."

    She explained, "This would be super funny if it wasn’t so seriously Sad. I think I may have Body Dysmorphia Syndrome. I recently read up on it and I seem to fit the bill.


    "In short I see things about my body in a different way, I perceive flaws that may be actually minute or non existent in an exaggerated way. These thoughts often lead to Anxiety and if unchecked could lead to depression and possibly eating disorders."

    Good thing Beauty can always count on her loved ones. "Thank goodness my support system here at home would never allow me to get that far. But the threat exists."

    Thus this advice: "So the next time you see a loved one doing a body selfie or checking themselves out, pay a little attention. Yes it could be just a little insta-Vanity or a little bit of fun. But it could also be a little more serious."

    She confessed, "I don’t like feeling this way but I really can’t help it, it just happens. Most of the time I try to ignore it, I force myself to believe what I hear and not what I see and feel. So I sashay and pose away with confidence.

    "But back home, alone and in front of the mirror,the battle continues. I know I am not the only one who sometimes feels this way. We are not alone, I see you."

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    What is body dysmorphia?

    Body dysmorphia, also called body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), is a "mental health condition where a person spends a lot of time worrying about flaws in their appearance."

    These flaws are often unnoticeable to others, according to the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS). People of any age and gender can have this condition, but it's more common in teenagers and young adults.

    The exact cause BDD has not been identified, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine,  but it's believed to be a "combination of environmental, psychological, and biological factors."

    For instance, bullying or teasing, may cause feelings of inadequacy, shame, and fear of ridicule. Then you can become obsessed with that part of your body that is the object of your insecurity or the target of ridicule. Top concerns are the face hair, skin, chest, and stomach.

    Here are some of the symptoms, according to experts:

    • Constantly checking oneself in the mirror
    • Avoiding mirrors
    • Trying to hide the body part under a hat, scarf, or makeup
    • Constantly exercising or grooming
    • Constantly comparing oneself with others
    • Always asking other people about appearance but not believing if the answer is good
    • Avoiding social activities
    • Not going out of the house, especially in the daytime
    • Seeking professional help for improvement of appearance
    • Having unnecessary plastic surgeries
    • Picking at your skin with fingers or tweezers
    • Feeling anxious, depressed, and ashamed
    • Thinking of suicide

    Based on your symptoms and how much they affect you, a mental health professional will give a diagnosis and corresponding treatment.


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