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8 K-Drama Rom-Coms Moms Love That Will Give You An Overdose Of 'Kilig'
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  • What’s the easiest thing you can do for self-care? If you ask moms, it’s getting their dose of K-drama. Not only is it a great way to de-stress, but it also makes them feel good. And you know what they say — a happy mom means a happy family!

    Best K-drama rom-coms recommended by moms

    One of their favorite genres is romantic comedies or rom-com. It’s entertaining, tugs at the heartstrings, and makes moms believers of true love. If you’re looking for a new title to try, our community of moms at the Smart Parenting Village shares their must-watch dramas:

    1. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?

    Moms in our Village have been saying it’s “super aliw” and “nakaka-in love!” In this drama, a pompous CEO named Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) suddenly realizes he has deeper feelings for his secretary, Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) when the latter decides to quit her job — because she’s had it with his arrogance, heh.

    This drama is light and funny, plus the two leads have unbeatable chemistry. Their witty banter is hilarious but the kilig is also intense (see below for proof!) that by the end of the series you’ll be rooting for this couple to fall for each other in real life!

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    2. Secret Garden

    If you loved Crash Landing On You then this classic drama starring a young Hyun Bin might pique your interest. He plays arrogant CEO (sound familiar?) Kim Joo Won who finds himself in a body-swap with stunt woman Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won). Hilarity ensues as they try pretending to be each other while also trying to find a way to get their bodies back. But then of course they find themselves falling for each other along the way.  


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    3. Fight For My Way

    It seems Park Seo Joon is a favorite of our nanays, because he has three dramas on this list! Plus, if you loved Kim Ji Won in Descendants of the Sun, you’ll be glad that she’s finally in the lead role this time.

    If you’ve watched a ton of rom-coms, you’ll find Fight For My Way refreshing and relatable. It’s about the blossoming romance of childhood best friends Ko Dong Man (Park Seo Joon) and Choi Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won) who are both struggling to survive and working hard to reach for their dreams. The two leads can be comical at times, but their blossoming romance will also make you squeal in delight.

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    4. Strong Girl Do Bong Soon

    “Super laugh trip,” is how one mom describes this drama and we agree! Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) may be cute and petite, but it turns out she was born with superhuman strength, which is why Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik), an eccentric CEO of a gaming company, hires her to be his bodyguard.

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    This drama has a lot of LOL-moments from the two charming leads but you’ll also feel butterflies in your stomach once they start liking each other. This drama also mixes suspense with the kilig so you’ll be at the edge of your seat while watching each episode. 

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    5. She Was Pretty

    In this drama, Park Seo Joon plays Ji Sung Joon, a magazine editor who cannot forget his first love and childhood friend, Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum). When he gets a chance to return to South Korea, he asks to meet her but Hye Jin is not confident with her physical appearance and so she begs her best friend to pretend to be her, instead. Of course, fate intervenes and the two still meet but as colleagues at work.

    This show is light, quirky, and comical, but you’ll also find the romance very natural. As one mom shares, “Maiihi ka sa kilig!” You’ll soon find yourself rooting for Hye Jin and wishing that Sung Joon finally realize his friend has been beside him all along!

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    6. Fated to Love You

    After a one-night stand, Kim Mi Young (Jang Nara) finds herself pregnant and the father is Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk), a rich heir. Despite not having any feelings for each other, they get married and Lee Gun is ultimately won over by Mi Young’s sweet and innocent personality. While this 20-episode drama contains a lot of hilarious scenes, it also has a lot of heartbreaking ones, so prepare your emotions before diving into the show!

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    7. Oh My Venus

    Kang Joo Eun (Shin Mina) was known to be a beauty in her teens but gains a lot of weight in her adult years. After her boyfriend breaks up with her, she meets Kim Young Ho or John Kim (So Ji Sub), a personal trainer to Hollywood stars, and convinces him to help her lose weight. Along the way, of course, they fall in love.

    Makeovers are a favorite K-drama trope, but this series handles it well. Young Ho doesn’t fall for Joo Eun just because she’s pretty but because of her personality and his determination to make her lose weight wasn’t for aesthetics but a desire to help her become healthier. If you ask us, that’s true love right there!

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    8. Touch Your Heart

    Oh Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) is an actress who got involved in a scandal and has become jobless since. She finally gets a chance to star in a drama after two years but has to work as a secretary for a law firm as preparation for the role. There she meets the snobby, serious lawyer Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook), who grows to like her after a series of mishaps.

    After their amazing chemistry in Goblin, Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na finally star in a drama together! If you’re looking for a light, funny drama without the complicated plot, then Touch Your Heart is for you. Their chemistry is a little too real that it will make your heart flutter!


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    Think another drama deserves to be on this list? Comment your favorite K-dramas below! And click here for our other must-watch titles!

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