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  • Ellen Adarna Bids Goodbye To Her Breast Implants: 'It Was Fun While It Lasted'

    Ellen Adarna Did not once deny getting breast implants, here's why she had it removed now.
    by Angela Baylon .
Ellen Adarna Bids Goodbye To Her Breast Implants: 'It Was Fun While It Lasted'
PHOTO BY instagram/maria.elena.adarna
  • One of the things fans of Ellen Adarna love about her is that she keeps things real and unfiltered. This admirable characteristic of the actress was once again put on full display in her recent Instagram update where she revealed having her breast implants removed.

    It was back in 2014 when Ellen first said that "my boobs are fake." Since then, she has always been open about getting the enhancement. But fast forward to the present day, the celebrity mom also went on to share to the public that the time has come to bid goodbye to her 'fake boobs' as she starts to observe symptoms of breast implant illness.

    PHOTO BY instagram/maria.elena.adarna

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    "Goodbye breast implant illness I can now breathe properly - goodbye chronic back pain, fatigue and braing [sic] fog." Despite this, there's no hint of Ellen feeling any regret about going under the knife to feel more confident about her body. She adds, "It was fun while it lasted."


    It appears that this change is a non-issue to her husband, Derek Ramsay, who even had a custom cake made, with the greeting message, "I miss your old boobs."

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    Other Celebrity Moms Who Had Breast Implants Removed

    Michelle Madrigal

    Ellen was not the first celebrity who opened up about Breast Implant Illness (BII). In 2019, Michelle Madrigal also came forward to tell that her implants "doesn't serve me anymore."

    Michelle then admitted that it was her insecurity that grew from constantly getting compared with her sister that led her to feel discontent about her figure."At that time, I just did it for vanity, and I really thought it could fix my insecurities growing up."

    Her perspective began to shift when she started feeling symptoms of BII, including joint pain, brain fog, muscle weakness, and discomfort when doing physical activities. Michelle also said that being a mom made her realize that her physical health is more important than her physical looks. 

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    "[W]hen you get older, you're gonna do everything to live longer, to be healthy, and that's what I'm trying to do. I wanna be healthy when I'm 50, so I can still hang out with Anika and not be sick," she said. (Read more about this story here)

    Rica Peralejo

    A mom of two now, Rica also shared in a Youtube vlog that she underwent breast augmentation when she was still 18-years-old and had it removed back in 2017. The actress says she started feeling more at peace after having her implants removed.
    "I just felt so much peace after that. It felt like, 'Ito pala talaga ako. Ito pala talaga yung katawan ko.'" (Read Pep.Ph's related story here)

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    These three moms all have different reasons for going under the knife to change parts of their bodies and also varied reasons to retract it. But in the middle of all those differences, all three exemplified body positivity in the sense that they were able to make decisions that will make them comfortable in their own skin without being swayed by societal standards of beauty, something that many women may find difficult to live up to.

    As parents and primary influencers of our children, it is up to moms and dads to inculcate the value of having a healthy body image and it begins with walking the talk ourselves.

    Read tips on how to help kids develop a healthy body image here.

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