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  • Have Regular BFF Sessions! Friendships Are Essential To Keep Your Sanity

    We all need our sanity intact during these times.
    by Rachel Perez .
Have Regular BFF Sessions! Friendships Are Essential To Keep Your Sanity
PHOTO BY Instagram/this_mama_doodles
  • A high school friend ranted in our group chat that she feels like she's doing everything except make time for herself. She's a healthcare worker, and on her off days, she cooks, cleans, and is her two kids' go-to troubleshooter during distance learning. All of that while the hubby is "on a call" working from home. Since he's working from home, it's my friend's turn with taking care of the kids. Mind you, hubby goes out for his weekly hobby enthusiast meetings.

    What do friends do when someone complains about being a mom? We hear her and validates her feelings. We distract her and show her she's not alone. It's not much, but it helps a lot. The illustration above perfectly illustrates the power of mom friendships, even if it's through group chat or video calls nowadays. 

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    The image shows a new mom who hasn't had the time to shave her legs, still bleeding from childbirth, nursing round the clock, and pumping milk when she's not attached to her child. She's with a friend staying by her side with a loving gaze. 


    It's a whole different mom situation from my friend, but the effect of having a friend is the same. It doesn't matter what stage of motherhood you are in, friends who show up when you need them the most are lifesavers. 

    According to Irish illustrator and mama of one, Emma, and known on the internet as this_mama_doodles, it is "inspired by the beauty and resilience of female friendships."   

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    "I have always admired the strength and endurance of female friendships," Emma said. It doesn't matter what issue bugs you at the moment; your friends sit with you and remind you of yourself, and where she is in her life, that she can move past it. 

    Friends don't often offer a magic cure or a solution, but they are there for you if you cry or laugh. Mom friends can also provide "a much-needed escape in the form of their tales from their own lives," Emma added. 

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    There is no question that moms' lives are the most affected by the pandemic lockdowns. You could be a mom working from home with your kids, interrupting you every once in a while. You could be a mom staying home with nowhere to go and have some alone time.

    But mothers tend to soldier on. We get our pockets of alone-time whenever we can, early in the morning or late at night. There's also "add to cart." But the real savior to still have your sanity intact is having your friends. So, reach out and keep your friendship bubbles active. 


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