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    Don’t wait up for the New Year – be on the road to a better you starting today.

    "Just for this weekend, ...

    1. I will make my Christmas list from the heart.”
    I will not rush into making one; instead, I will give a lot of thought into the names I put there. This year, I will not give someone a gift just for the heck of it – I will put heart into choosing the gift that I think will best send that person my messahe of goodwill.

    2. I will be happy for the success of others.”
    If my best friend gets offered a job I had wanted for myself, or if a relative’s Visa application gets approved ahead of mine, I will not be envious. I will pray for serenity so that I can join in her happiness and appreciate the blessings I receive myself.

    3. I will look great and feel great.”
    The hair treatment I’ve been putting off? It will happen this long weekend. That early morning jog? I’m gonna make it happen. Waterproof mascara? I will take advantage of the weekend sale and get myself one. It’s not about buying stuff, but recognizing my needs are just as important as those of the people around me will make me feel good about myself.

    Photo from sxc.hu

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