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  • We Can All Relate! Moms Share Their 'Kulang Sa Tulog' Moments

    Sleep-deprived #SPMoms tell their best and funniest sablay moments! What's yours?
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
We Can All Relate! Moms Share Their 'Kulang Sa Tulog' Moments
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  • We know how sleep-deprived moms can get, what with having to wake up at all hours in the morning to feed, soothe and change a newborn! We also know that a mom who’s had very little shut eye but also has a long list of things to do is the perfect formula for hilarious anecdotes.

    So, we decided to take advantage! Recently, we asked SP moms to send us their best and funniest “kulang sa tulog” moment. And, as we expected, you didn’t disappoint. Here are edited excerpts from the comments you gave on Facebook and Instagram:

    Para po!
    I passed by the mall late one night after work to buy a few grocery items for baon and materials for my daughter's project. To save time, I went straight to the valet and handed over my car keys. After buying all I needed, I hurriedly got in line for an FX headed home. It was only when we were at the highway toll gate that I finally realized na may kotse pala akong dala! Naiwan ko sa valet parking! I couldn't get off the highway so I had to wait until we were past it before I could get a ride back to the mall. --Patricia Pattie Abelar

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    The ol' switcheroo
    My son is 3 and my daughter is 4. Sabay ko silang pinaliguan, pinunasan at binihisan. Pagkatapos punta ako sa kitchen at nagluto. Pinuntahan nila ako, malungkot. Sabi ko, bakit? Tinuro yung suot nilang damit. Yung girl ko naka-Batman and boxers. Yung boy ko naman naka-Hello Kitty na sando at floral na shorts. Nagkapalit pala! --Julie Ann Pearl Shematt

    Mom-nesia is real

    When I was a new mom, there were times that I just stood and stared in front of the milk aisle in a store. I would forget which brand my son was drinking! Sometimes, I would also only find out that I didn't have money with me by the time I reached the cashier. Hay. --CJ Garces

    Something smells fishy

    One time, I forgot to wash my kid's P.E. uniform. Akala ko talaga nasama siya sa nakaraang labahan ko pero hindi pala. Naisip ko, 2 hours lang naman nagamit ang uniform, kasi nursery pa lang naman siya, tapos naka-aircon pa sila kaya di masyadong napapawisan. So what I did was, I ironed it na lang para mawala yung gusot at di mag amoy na di nalabhan. --Jhen P. Peig 

    Pumikit lang ako sandali!

    Most nights I only get four hours of sleep at most, I'm an insomniac. I wake up around 5 a.m. to prepare and send off my son to school and my husband to work. At 8 a.m. I would tidy up the house and have breakfast. One time, after my usual routine, I sat down on the sofa. I was startled by my son waking me up. I checked my phone for the time and it was already 4 'o' clock. I told my son to take a bath, have breakfast and get ready for school. Then my son says, "I just got home from school, Mom!" Apparently, when I sat down on the sofa, I had fallen asleep for almost eight hours...--Marielle Ethel Arcala

    Got a #KulangSaTulogMoment to share? Send us your funny stories by messaging us on Facebook.

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