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  • Mom Decides to Do a Boudoir Shoot Because 'We All Have an Inner Sexy Self'

    This mom of three wants to show all moms that you can be sexy even with a mom bod.
    by Louisa Mercado .
Mom Decides to Do a Boudoir Shoot Because 'We All Have an Inner Sexy Self'
PHOTO BY Joy Gurtiza of Seriously Boudoir
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  • The first thing that crossed my mind when I heard about an opportunity to do a boudoir shoot is, “What will my kids think?” At my age (39 as of this posting), I thought it was the perfect time to do something I normally wouldn’t do.

    I had become very insecure about my body. After my third pregnancy, I just lost all semblance of confidence, so I would dress down and wear loose clothing. A boudoir shoot was definitely an idea I wouldn’t have entertained, but I’ve been separated for two years now and have come into my own. I’m proud to embrace the woman I’ve become.

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    It started with my weight loss and then the slow discovery I could be pretty. I realized makeup wasn’t evil and it helped not by covering up flaws but showing more of your real beauty.

    My eldest son was very supportive…at first. I didn’t tell my daughter ‘til after the shoot was done, but she helped me put on my makeup that day. I only asked her to give me a sexy look, and she helped me without asking any more questions.

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    Why I decided to do a boudoir shoot

    These sessions not only helped me gain confidence but also learn my angles and how to pose in photos.
    PHOTO BY Joy Gurtiza of Seriously Boudoir

    The reason I was willing to do the shoot was that the talented photographer is my friend, Joy Gurtiza, a fellow mommy blogger and professional photographer who offers boudoir sessions on her Facebook page, Seriously Boudoir. She put my mind at ease and made it very comfortable for me to explore my body and try different poses. She encouraged me to go beyond my usual restrained self.

    Young, perky women would probably be the best subjects for a photo shoot like this, BUT a mom’s body should be celebrated as well, don’t you think? I definitely have a mom’s body. It has gone through three births, three babies breastfeeding, and even one miscarriage. My skin has been stretched, torn (yes, in that area trying to push out a baby!) and have become imperfect. But I wear these marks with pride because today I have an 18, 17, and 8-year-old to show for my “war wounds.”

    Moms like me should be allowed to openly and freely explore the beauty of their body without judgment. Did I have hesitations posting about this? Yes! As you can see in the photos below, my mom bod is far from perfect.

    But I believe that a mom, whether working, staying at home, working from home, or any other kind of mom, can still feel sexy. Boudoir photography is the perfect opportunity to preserve your beauty. You can also give it as a gift to your special someone!

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    What happened in my boudoir shoot

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    Before the shoot, I researched poses for inspiration. But during the shoot, I went with what my body felt like doing. I learned to be more playful and to relax. I learned to laugh at myself and accept my flaws. But instead of flaws, I’d rather see them as my own characteristics that make me who I am.

    We all have an inner sexy self — just let it out! Besides, if you’re unsure of how to pose or what to do, your boudoir photographer will coach and guide you. It was comforting to know that she would get my best angle, side, and find the level of comfort worth showing in pictures.

    So, you be the judge! Here are some of the shots from the shoot that I am so proud of.

    I look at these pictures and see myself in a different view. I see how others might see me.
    PHOTO BY Joy Gurtiza of Seriously Boudoir
    I'm learning to find solace in the thought that one day someone will see these 'flaws' as something special about me. There's still time, and there's still hope.
    PHOTO BY Joy Gurtiza of Seriously Boudoir
    Boudoir sessions reveal a whole new side of you and help you get out of the comfort zone.
    PHOTO BY Joy Gurtiza of Seriously Boudoir
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    I may be older, but it’s never too late to try, to hope, to seek a new adventure. I will hit the big 4-0 soon, and I’m experiencing so many new things just now. Boudoir sessions aren’t just about taking photos — it reveals a whole new side to you, and it lets you venture out of your comfort zone. It can make you feel alive again!

    When I got home from the boudoir shoot, I showed the photos to my teens. They were shocked at first and had a “no, no, no, no, no” moment. I understood their reactions because being the cool mom that I am, I’m friends with their friends on Facebook and Instagram. In the end, my daughter said “Go ahead [and post the photos], mom. We’ll handle it.”

    I couldn’t be prouder. Thank you, kids!

    This article originally appeared on Louisa Mercado’s blog, Art of Being a Mom. Edits have been made by Smart Parenting editors. Louisa is a lifestyle blogger and work at home mom. She has three children, Bastian, Kiana, and Jael.

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