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    As Aileen Santos, psychologist and life coach at , a company that offers creativity workshops in Manila, puts it, “Running a family is like running a corporation. And being a mom is like being its unacknowledged COO, CFO, and CEO all rolled into one.” In any company, head honchos know that the most important investment they can make is in themselves.
    As a mom, doing this puts you in the best condition to help your ‘corporation.’ So stop and see what you need in order to run your family. Do you need sleep? What about a lunch date with friends? Santos, who is also mom to Fudge, 9, and Dawn, 6, explains, “It’s not just about everything you do for your family. You need to notice what mood you’re in when you’re with them. If your needs are addressed, the time you spend with them will be happy time.” That’s much better than I-love-you-but-I’m-so-worn-out time.

    SOURCE:Aileen Santos, psychologist and life coach, 

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