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  • We're in Week I-don't-know-anymore of quarantine, hoping to be able to have more room in two weeks. You could either be feeling settled and doing anything to keep you sane or still anxious about just staying home. (Click here to check what type of quarantine mom are you!)

    Being with the kids for 24 hours of every single day is a gift, but it's not an easy one. Sure, it's not every day that you can spend so much time with your kids. But parenting is tiring even before we were all ordered to stay home when you can still have some time alone away — the bathroom may be the best we can do for now!

    We see you, mom! You are enough. If you're feeling a bit too stretched, Elmo's dad Louie has a message for you. You need to hear this. 

    "Parents, you are doing an amazing job!" Louie said. "Remember, though, it's important to take some time for yourself. You know, take care of you," he added.

    Louie suggested listening to your favorite song to relax, or stretching and taking a moment to breathe. He even encouraged everyone to join him in a quick breathing exercise.

    Sesame Street Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street, has released helpful materials for many families staying indoors. Its newly launched initiative called Caring for Each Other provides links to games, videos, and art activities for kids.

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    It also offers tips on how to get kids to wash their hands and practice cough etiquette, as well as tips for parents on how to comfort children's anxiety about COVID-19 and create routines. And most importantly, it offers parents ways to take care of themselves.


    So, it's okay if you're not homeschooling, cleaning or decluttering or resurrecting a hobby or taking up a new one, or hustling to earn. There is no competition for the most productive parents during this time. You do you, as long as you and the kids are fed and happy.

    "We are all doing the best we can, and that is okay — no, it's better than okay!" Louie added before signing off to make Elmo a pillow fort.

    We are living in an unusual time, and it may not be as different from now as we move past lockdowns so long as COVID-19 has no vaccine or effective treatment. Hang in there and keep up the great work!

    Watch Elmo's dad's pubic service announcement below:

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