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  • 6 Signs That Say You Are an 'Oversharer' on Social Media

    If you do these 6 things, it might be time to reassess your social media habits.
    by Kate Borbon .
6 Signs That Say You Are an 'Oversharer' on Social Media
  • A parent who does not have a social media account is a rarity. After all, thanks to social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, we get to celebrate and share milestones with family and friends. Cute baby and kid photos are always a hit online, but when does sharing become an unhealthy social media habit?

    6 signs that you may be posting too much on social media

    Many parents say it is your social wall, your rules — and there is the “unfollow button.” Make sure, however, that the privacy and security settings of your account are not public, so you avoid sharing photos of your kids to strangers. When it is a “public” post, anyone can not only see your status updates and pictures, they can share it. (Click here to read advice from security experts if you plan to open a social media account for your child.)

    Now, if you are happy with your privacy setting, is there such a thing as oversharing? Experts say the following are signs that suggest you have let social media take too much room in your daily life.

    1. You don’t think twice before posting.

    While it can be satisfying to publish real-time updates on your child’s milestones and daily achievements, oversharing can cause real damage: Aside from potentially compromising your family’s safety, posting about your child without thinking can make her think that you don’t respect her privacy or her opinions.

    Before you post, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends you ask yourself some questions, such as, “Why am I posting this?”, “Could my child be embarrassed by this at some point?” and “How does this paint my child’s public image?”

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    2. You post more than four times a day.

    According to Julie Spira, a cyber-expert and author of The Rules of Netiquette, posting more than four times every day is already oversharing — and this can be a sign that you have let social media consume too much of your personal life. BabyGaga writes that even checking your social media accounts several times a day can be dangerous because when this activity becomes a habit, it can spill over into other things you do every day (for example, checking Facebook while driving).

    3. You feel upset when your posts don’t get enough likes.

    There’s no doubt that it is gratifying to have many people react and respond to our social media posts, whether by liking them or by commenting on them. There are times, however, when our posts don’t get as much response. Becoming too affected when this happens or feeling an overwhelming desire to delete those less popular posts might be a sign that you have placed your sense of self-worth on what your online friends think of you, which is dangerous.

    4. You upload hourly updates on your vacations.

    Arguably one of the best parts of going on vacations with your family is documenting it with photos. But, chances are, your online friends don’t need or want to see 300+ pictures from your trip, so you might be better off choosing only one or two of the best photos to upload to your account.

    Spira also says that posting too many photos of your vacation can come off as bragging and make your online friends feel bad about themselves, especially if they can’t go on a vacation.

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    “Sure, we’d love to see the turquoise water in the Carribean, but if you post an album and keep adding to it all day long, there’s only so many posts that will look different,” she tells Reader’s Digest. “It’s important not to be the bragger on Facebook, so those who don’t have the luxury of vacation time don’t feel badly about themselves.”

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    5. You can’t remember your last face-to-face conversation.

    Social media has made it easy for us to connect with people even if we don’t see them in person that often. Unfortunately, we end up staring at our smartphones over actually talking to family and friends when we are all together. If you find yourself automatically scrolling through your Facebook even though your family is right in front of you, it may be time to reassess your social media habits.

    6. People who used to react to your posts all the time have disappeared.

    Admit it or not, but it can be annoying when all you see on your social media timeline is multiple posts from one person. To get rid of the issue, maybe you mute or unfollow that person, or even unfriend them. But if you are the one posting too much online, your friends might end up deciding to keep your updates hidden from their timelines.

    Nikki Martinez, PsyD, tells Reader’s Digest, “This is their nice way of trying to not hurt your feelings by blatantly deleting you as a friend, but quietly allowing themselves not to have to see your posts anymore. If this starts to become a semi-regular happening, maybe stop and ask yourself why.”


    Social media can be a lot of fun, but at the end of the day, there is nothing better than connecting with people, especially your family, in real life. So instead of spending hours scrolling through your social media account, take the time to make lasting memories with the people closest to your heart!

    To read more about sharenting and how to raise a child in the digital age, click here.

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