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8 Things You Own That Might Be Dirtier Than Your Toilet

Time to keep a bottle of disinfectant inside your bags. All. The. Time.

If you have always been weary about germs when it comes to using the public restroom or even your toilet at home, then you are one among the many people who has a slightly skewed perception about the bathroom.

The toilet has earned an unfair reputation of being the dirtiest thing in the house. But did you know that there are other common things you own that are actually dirtier than your toilet?

The chopping board in your kitchen

Yes. If you thought you have scrubbed off the last of whatever it is that you chopped on that board, you're wrong. Chopping boards, particularly those used for raw meat could be dirtier than your toilet. The groves created by the knife when you chop food create the perfect home for germs and bacteria to thrive.

Your television's remote control

You sit on it, you put it the sofa, you drop it sometimes, you use it while you're eating chips and snacks, you cough and you sneeze on it and so many people in the house touch it too. Do you even bother to clean the remote? Exactly. That's why it's dirtier than your toilet.

Your keyboard

Now just like the remote control, the keyboard is also one of the dirtiest things you could own. Did you know that your keyboard could have over 200 times more bacteria than your toilet? It is also known to host a wide range of bacteria like E Coli and Salmonella.

Your toothbrush

Germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi could be living in your toothbrush – it may look clean to you, but it can have more than ten million bacteria lurking in between the bristles.

Your money

You shouldn’t be surprised that the money in your wallet or the change in your purse is dirtier than your toilet. Think about how many people has touched that money – you also do not know where it's been!

Your earphones

Do you remember to clean your earphones? Do you share it with your friends? If you just leave it lying around and you let coworkers or friends borrow it, then you just made your earphones one of the dirtiest things you could own. Dirty earphones are also one of the many causes of ear infection.

Your mobile phone

Who would have thought mobile phones have ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Just like your remote control and earphones, you bring your mobile phone everywhere – which makes it more likely to gather germs and bacteria.

Your bag

If you are fond of putting your bag on the floor, then you regularly invite bacteria to live on it. Leather handbags were found to be most prone to be bacteria-riddled because the spongy texture makes it easy for bacteria to grow.

Once germs get on your things, it can be easily transferred onto other surfaces through your hands. It's always best to practice frequent hand washing to prevent the presence of bacteria. You should also make sure you regularly sanitize your things with antiseptic like Biogenic Alcohol. Biogenic Alcohol cleans and disinfects without drying your skin. It kills 99.9% of germs and it has Glycerol which helps retain skin moisture. It is also a sterilizer and a general antiseptic, perfect for everyday all around use. It can also be good for body massage and sponge baths.






This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Biogenic.