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  • The Air Down There: What Your Vaginal Odor Says About Your Health

    Your vagina is telling you something, and you better listen
    Published Jul 16, 2015
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    1. Metallic
    What it means: You just had your period or contact with semen. The change of pH causes the scent. This should be temporary. (If not, see your doctor.)


    2. Fishy
    What it means: You might have bacterial vaginosis. It's a type of vaginal inflammation from the overgrowth of bacteria in your vagina.

    Bacterial vaginosis can be caused by unprotected sex or frequent douching.

    Treatment: Antibiotics. (Although bacterial vaginosis can go away without any treatment.)


    3. Bread-y
    What it means: You might have a yeast infection.

    Yeast infections are very common. They're not usually serious, but they can bother you. Your vagina feels itchy or sore. Some women have a thick, clumpy, white, and odorless discharge when they have a yeast infection.

    Treatment: Vaginal or oral medicine.

    Only use non-prescription vaginal yeast infection medication without a doctor's diagnosis if you:
    - are not pregnant.
    - are sure you have a yeast infection.
    - haven't been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection.
    - are not having multiple, recurrent infections.

    4. Musky
    What it means: Your vagina is healthy! The musky smell is caused by the surrounding sweat glands. Carry on!

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