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  • A Busy Mom’s Guide to Looking Less Pagod in Under 10 Minutes

    These really quick ways to freshen up is worth your time, mom! It has great effects on your skin too!
  • There's no other job out there that is as exhausting and challenging, and exciting and fulfilling as being a mom. Between having to run after exploring toddlers, spilled milk and food, and dirty nappies to be changed 24/7, however, you just can’t help but look tired and weary.

    Good thing there are quick, simple ways to keep you looking and feeling well put together, even as you put on your Super Mom cape for another day of love and fun with your little one. Here are five tips to make you look less pagod in as little as under 10 minutes.

    Put your hair up

    Nothing says "busy mom" like disheveled hair. What used to be your crowning glory suddenly becomes a grabbing toy (or sometimes, even chew toy!) of your child. It's one of the first things that people will notice about you so give it a quick fix if you don't want to look haggard.

    Put it up in a high bun if you have long hair so that you keep it out of those little hands' reach. You can also use leave-on conditioner so it won't be dry and limp, even if you didn't have the time to give it a decent wash. It should help keep it smelling fresh, too.

    Keeping your hair away from your face is also a very quick way to look less haggard. You can also check out these low-maintenance hairstyles that are definitely time-saving.

    Clean your face with gentle facial wipes

    The secret to looking and feeling like you just stepped out of the shower is to always carry facial wipes with you. It allows you to freshen up quickly wherever you are—it won't even take you more than a few minutes. Wiping your face can also be very refreshing, so take the time to do it before putting on some light powder.

    You also need to make sure you sleep with no makeup on, and you wash your face with soap and water before going to bed. That way, you can prevent breakouts and get a natural glow on your skin.

    Put powder on

    Now that you have your hair out of the way, and your face free from dirt, time to powder your nose! Bring out your inner glow instead of your facial shine, mom! Keep a pack of oil film or pressed powder handy to blot away the oiliness from your face. It doesn't just make you look fresh, it also keeps you feeling fresh.

    You can also use some cream foundation that you can get cheap at drugstores if you have a couple of minutes to spare.

    Use a lip and cheek tint

    Add color to your face by using a simple lip and cheek tint. Getting these 2-in-one miracles will not only save you a lot of time, it's also only a fraction of the cost of a blush and lipstick. Apart from a lip and cheek tint, you may also want to add a few more things to your makeup kit! Check these out!

    Do your eyebrows

    "Kilay is life" is perhaps the best beauty anthem for busy moms. Always make time for your eyebrows because they frame the eyes and complete your look. Every once in a while, go to a salon and have an expert shape your eyebrow for you. It's easier to fill them in with an eyebrow pencil if they are already shaped and groomed.

    Always moisturize

    One of the most telling signs of pagod is dry, uncared for skin. Don't fall into the trap of neglect because your skin deserves better—you deserve better. A good way to tend to it is by keeping it moisturized.

    Take the time after your shower to put on NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk to keep your skin healthy and hydrated throughout the day. For just a quick application (it wouldn't even take 10 minutes), the NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk, with its NIVEA caring oils, can already leave your skin softer and smoother for 24 hours.

    Caring for your skin allows you to enjoy more huggable moments with your kids. You wouldn't want anything coarse or rough to touch their skin, so you should make sure to keep yours moisturized too. Time is of the essence in motherhood, after all, and you wouldn't want to waste any minute of it.


This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with NIVEA.