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  • A Guide to Women’s Common Aches and Pains

    Unsure which doctor to see for your aching belly, or what's causing it? Read on.
    by Jamie Ilao .
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    It’s not easy being a woman. To work, provide, nurture, support and be the everyday superhero to families and children take so much strength and commitment. More than the emotional well-being of women, it is the physical aspect that is at continuous risk when it comes to dealing with everyday tasks. With a million and one roles to fulfill, it is almost inevitable that these take their toll on a woman’s body.

    Health should always be a priority for women everywhere, but sometimes we're unsure who to see about our concerns. Here is a comprehensive guide to managing usual aches and pains women feel, their causes, and which medical specialist to see:

    Pain location: lower back
    Type of pain: sharp, feels strained, improves with posture
    Possible causes: Strained muscles, bad posture, awkward sleeping position, carrying children or other heavy objects, lifting heavy objects, a sudden twist of spine in the lumbar area, a developing scoliosis
    See your: orthopedic doctor, chiropractor or masseuse


    Pain location: head
    Type of pain: throbbing or pulsating; can also be a nagging or persistent pain; may be tight and constricting, can also be deep and penetrating
    Possible causes: migraine due to work-related stress; lack of sleep or rest; poor eyesight; working in front of the computer, reading or watching TV for too long
    See your: neurologist or opthalmologist (for possible eye problems)

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    Pain location: shoulder or neck
    Type of pain: sharp, tight and stiff, may be tingling or numbing; heavy pressure, intermittent, may have grinding sounds upon movement, limited ranges of stretches or movements
    Possible causes: Strained muscles; pinched nerves; sitting for too long (e.g., in the office), bad posture when sleeping; deformity of spine
    See your: orthopedic doctor; a doctor specializing in internal medicine; chiropractor; masseuse

    Pain location: leg or knee
    Type of pain: sharp, intermittent
    Possible causes: Strained muscles or joints; standing or sitting too long; carrying children or heavy objects; overbending or squatting; excessive exercising; inadequate stretching; arthritis; rheumatoid arthritis; gout; being overweight
    See your: orthopedic doctor, rheumatologist or physical therapist


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