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Pinay Moms Like This Birth Control Method Because It Can Delay Pregnancy For Years
  • When it comes to birth control, we found that a lot of moms would prefer a contraceptive method they can easily “get and forget.” There are options that once in place, can prevent pregnancy for months, like the IUD and the injectable, but another long-term birth control option moms can consider is the implant.

    What is an implant?

    A progestin subdermal implant is a matchstick-sized capsule inserted under the skin in the upper arm and is said to be effective for up to three years. This type of implant releases the synthetic hormone progestin that keeps a woman’s eggs in her ovaries and thickens the mucus at the cervix to prevent fertilization and pregnancy.

    Is the implant safe to use while breastfeeding?

    Dr. Jennifer Co, an ob-gyn and infectious disease specialist who holds clinic at the FEU-NRMF Medical Center tells SmartParenting.com.ph that progestin is considered safe for breastfeeding moms and “it has no effect on the production of breast milk,” so implants are generally safe to use while nursing.

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    Where to get an implant and how much does it cost?

    Most public health centers and private clinics around the country offer the implant. According to members of our Facebook group, Smart Parenting Village, you may also get them at Likhaan Center for Women’s Health, a non-government and non-profit organization.

    If you’re a Philhealth member, you may avail of the “Subdermal Contraceptive Implant Package,” which can be used once every two years. It will cover Php3,000 in fees per case — Php1,200 goes to professional fees and Php1,800 to health care institution fees.


    Dr. Co stresses the importance of having the implant inserted by a trained professional. “It’s a minor procedure but the implant will lose its efficacy if not inserted properly,” she says.

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    When to remove the implant

    The implant must be removed three years after insertion or upon your doctor’s advice. If you want to delay pregnancy further, you can insert a new implant right away. If not, and if you are planning to get pregnant, it may take three to six months — sometimes up to a year — after the implant has been removed to conceive.

    What Pinay moms think of the implant

    Many of our Smart Parenting Village moms choose this type of birth control not only because it’s effective but because “wala ka nang iisipin pa.” It also takes years before it needs to be replaced. “Gusto ko siya kasi every three years bago palitan; mas okay sa’kin kasi makakalimutin ako,” says mom Avy Aldave.

    Like any form of birth control, side effects will vary per user. However, for moms who are using implants, most of the side effects are nothing too serious. One thing they all had in common is irregular to no periods at all.

    Most moms who take it did not experience weight gain, which is a usual side effect of other birth control methods. In fact, some reported weight loss as a side effect.

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    Other common complaints are migraines and headaches. Mood swings, body pain, and acne breakouts can also happen.

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    Though there are various side effects, moms who have tried implants say they still prefer it for the long-term contraception it provides. “It’s hassle-free because you don’t need to drink pills every day or go to the clinic or center to get injected again,” shares mom Geraldine Maranan.

    “What I like about it is that I only need to have it replaced every three years,” shares mom Allana Lustanas. “It is the most convenient [birth control],” adds mom Chloe Eunice.

    There are a number of safe birth control options for breastfeeding moms. Click here and choose which suits you.

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