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  • My Choice of Contraceptive: Moms Get Candid About the Method They Use

    Which one do you use?
My Choice of Contraceptive: Moms Get Candid About the Method They Use
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  • Women’s bodies are not all the same. When it comes to contraceptives, one woman can experience negative side effects from one method, while another woman can have little to no adverse effects when using the same one.

    Each body reacts differently to each method, which is why contraceptives shouldn’t be considered as a one-size-fits-all solution. With all the methods available in the Philippines, we asked Pinay moms to share their preferred contraceptives, and here’s what they had to say.

    Kay Silvala, mom of 2
    Choice of contraceptive: Condom 

    I feel safer with condoms.

    I usually depend on the rhythm method, which is a form of natural family planning, where I track my menstrual period to predict my ovulation period. But right after I gave birth, [I] have been using condoms to make sure I don’t get pregnant again too soon.

    Condoms are more affordable and convenient to use.

    I think [couples] should use condoms, or any other forms of contraceptives, to prevent any unwanted pregnancies. Using condoms won’t give you any side effects, and sometimes, depending on which condoms you use, it can also help make your intimate experience even better.

    Francine Karagdag, mom of 2
    Choice of contraceptive: Injectable

    I find injectables effective.

    After my second child, I tried injectables and have stuck with them ever since. I found the injectables to be more effective. Sure, I have to visit my gynecologist once every three months to take the injection, but the good thing about it is I’m not experiencing any side effects.

    Contraceptives help women to protect themselves.

    For me, it’s always the woman’s choice to use one or not. I chose to use injectables because it’s convenient and more comfortable. And it’s a safe choice.

    Chy Bauzon, mom of 1
    Choice of contraceptive: Pills

    Oral contraceptives help with my irregular periods.

    Currently, I’m taking an oral contraceptive. My period is still irregular, and that’s one of the reasons why I use it.

    Pills are simple to use and have also helped with my complexion, which is a bonus. It’s a straightforward method: You just have to take the pill every day at the same time — all you need is a daily alarm on your phone as a reminder, too — to keep you covered and safe, especially if you’re sexually active.

    Contraceptives help couples with family planning.

    I think women should take it, especially when they’re not ready to have a child (or another one, for that matter) so they can still enjoy their life without any risk of unexpected pregnancies.

    Alyssa Kristin Salangsang Teves, mom of 1
    Choice of contraceptive: IUD

    I chose an IUD because it’s hassle-free.

    I just told my OB I wanted IUD. Aside from having the least side effects, I don’t have to worry about anything. For example, if I’m using OCP (oral contraceptive pills), I should always take it on the exact time. With an IUD, it just stays there and does its job.

    Contraceptives give women the power to choose.

    No. 1 reason is family planning. Unplanned pregnancies, especially if you’re not financially or emotionally ready, are not healthy for moms. I opted for IUD because I’m a working mom. If I get pregnant again, then it’s gonna be hard because I have to take a leave from my job.

    Taking care of a baby is not an easy task, and recovering from giving birth is not easy also. Thinking about the stress one mom undergoes makes you think twice about having unplanned pregnancies.

    While it’s essential for Filipino women to know what contraceptive options are available in the market, it’s just as important to understand that there is no shame with wanting to protect themselves — and this includes moms, too.

    This is precisely why the #DoItRight campaign was launched. It aims to educate Filipinos about safe sex practices and family planning through different methods of contraception while breaking the stigma that surrounds reproductive health.

    It’s okay to be open to using contraceptives, mainly since they help you and your husband in family planning and in practicing safe sex. Keep in mind that you have the right to use the method you are most comfortable with. Consult your ob-gyn to find the contraceptive that works best for you and your body’s needs.

    Learn more about your reproductive health through the #DoItRight campaign. Visit this Facebook page for more information.


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