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Personal Air Purifiers, Portable UVs: How Families Protect Themselves When Going Out
PHOTO BY (LEFT TO RIGHT) Courtesy of Tal Cuaresma and Josanne Burgos
  • Starting August 15, face shields are required in public transport and the workplace, according to the Department of Transportation and Department of Labor and Employment. This is aside from the mandatory wearing of face masks in public.

    These additional forms of protection have become our “new normal,” but meticulous moms are taking it a step further by providing additional layers for their family — just ask the members of our Facebook community, Smart Parenting Village!

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    How families protect themselves from COVID-19

    From purchasing personal air purifiers and portable UV lights, here are the safety measures that families do when going out and coming back to the house:

    1. Use personal protective equipment or more layers of clothing.

    If you don't have a PPE, you can always DIY it!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Josanne Burgos

    Mom Josanne Burgos shares that she improvised a PPE made of garbage bags since it wasn’t widely available during the start of the community quarantine. “But since it’s OA to look at, I now use a long cardigan with hood [when going out for groceries],” she adds. “I have a shower cap, plastic gloves beneath cotton gloves, and I wear socks and rubber shooes, too.”


    For mom Mber Sellado, you can forego PPE as long as you’re all covered up when going out. “I wear a face shield, mask, and sweater tapos naka-leggings rin every time magpapa-checkup,” she says. “Laging magdala ng alcohol. Spray each sandal before entering the car.”

    disposable surgical mask
    This 3-layer disposable surgical mask can effectively filter out 95% of particulates, virus, and bacteria. Cosy Present 3-Ply BFE 95 Face Masks (Box of 50), Php975
    PHOTO BY babymama.ph
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    2. Bring a portable UV light.

    Moms would use ultraviolet light (UV) sterilizers for baby accessories like feeding bottles and toys, but portable options have now become popular as COVID-19 disinfectants. “Lahat ng binili, UV muna,” shares mom Khirsty Filio. “’Pag pasok [ng bahay], ‘yung mga pwede hugasan, hinuhugasan din.” (Looking for a UV sterilizer? Click here for options.)

    wisemom portable uv sterilizer
    Take this tool anywhere and sterilize items in 10 to 15 seconds. Wisemom Portable USB UV Sterilizer, Php1,600
    PHOTO BY babymama.ph
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    For mom Tal Cuaresma, whose family recently recovered from the virus, a pocket sterilizer is a must for groceries and deliveries, too. “Hinuhugasan rin namin with soap or ginagamitan ng alcohol,” she says.

    Face shields are part of the new normal.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Tal Cuaresma

    3. Or a personal air purifier.

    The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that air purifiers “can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses in a home or confined space when used properly.” This is probably why personal air purifiers have become popular to families who have no choice but to go out of the house.

    The EPA adds that “by itself, a portable air cleaner is not enough to protect people from COVID-19.” But for moms, having one gives them peace of mind. “Sabi nga nila sa online gaming, the more protection you have, the more ‘buff’ you are. This will prevent further damage from an unseen enemy — the virus,” says Josanne.


    4. Purses have been exchanged for small bags.

     Moms love their bags, but they’ve learned to let go of them this quarantine. “As much as possible, walang ibang dalang gamit other than card or money, plus quarantine pass sa bulsa,” says Khirsty.

    “I wear a tiny bag na iniiwan ko lang sa labas ng bahay. It has my driver’s license and quarantine pass na magkasama sa plastic. I also bring my phone na naka-plastic din and some cash inside a Ziploc,” shares Josanne.

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    optoelectronics uv room light
    Take it a step further and disinfect the whole room with this UV lamp. Optoelectronics UV Room Light, Php4,500
    PHOTO BY babymama.ph

    5. Always disinfect your shoes and discard ‘outside’ clothes before going inside the house.

     Earlier, we published an article with a doctor’s 25-point checklist of must-dos when leaving home, while out, and arriving home. It included disinfecting the car and removing shoes and clothes outside the house. We’re glad to know that moms strictly follow these safety measures.


    “’Pag galing sa labas, naka-ready na kaagad ang pamalit pag-ligo,” shares mom Jamie Parreno.

     “Pagdating sa bahay, walang papasok unless nadisinfect,” stresses Khirsty. “We have a disinfecting mat sa entrance with a pail of bleach solution for the shoes. Naglagay din kami ng shower curtain and toiletries sa labas para makapaligo muna bago pumasok.”

    Josanne also uses a solution made of water and bleach to disinfect shoes and clothing. “Before I go inside, naka-shower na’ko ng water and soap. But maliligo pa din ako sa loob ng bahay to be safe,” she says.

    “Upon coming home, we immediately remove our clothes and put them in a plastic. We wash our hands and we cannot touch anything inside the house. We take a bath kaagad and brush our teeth. All our new clothes are prepared prior to leaving the house,” shares mom Lala Tellano-Viray.

     These safety measures may be excessive to some, but all moms agree that it is necessary for the safety of the whole family. “Nakakapagod, but it’s a must,” says Josanne.

    How do YOU keep yourself safe when going out of the house? Share it with us in the comments! To learn how to disinfect clothes properly after being outside, click here.

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