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How Drinking Distilled Water Can Help Improve Your Family’s Health

Not sure which kind of drinking water is suitable for your children? This might help.

Quality drinking water is essential for overall health. While most types of drinking water can do the job of keeping you hydrated, keep in mind that its specific treatment and processing can broaden its range of benefits. This is why distilled water is one of the preferred kinds of drinking water.

How does distillation work?

The distillation process begins by heating water until steam begins to form. During this heating process, inorganic compounds that may be harmful or toxic are left behind. Afterward, the steam is cooled, condensed, and finally becomes purified water.

Is drinking distilled water safe?

Yes, drinking distilled water is generally safe. After all, other water sources may be exposed to contaminants that may be harmful for you and your family.

The distillation process removes impurities and other inorganic compounds. Because distilled water is purified, and contains no other added chemicals, it can help keep you hydrated while giving you and your family peace of mind.

What are the other benefits of drinking distilled water?

Distilled water typically ranks 7 in the pH scale, making it neutral. Some types of water can have a low pH of 6.5 or less, making it acidic, corrosive, and damaging to the digestive system. Meanwhile, other types of water with a high pH of 8.5 or more can have a strong, bitter taste.

Since it is non-acidic, distilled water may not trigger digestive issues associated with vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and even kidney disease. And since distilled water generally has little to no taste, you can also mix it with soups, beverages, and milk without alternating the flavor of your or your child’s favorite food and drinks.

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