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  • 5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself So You Can Take Care of Your Family

    Remember: Healthy mommy equals healthy and happy baby!
5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself So You Can Take Care of Your Family
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  • Moms are wired to think children come first. The downside is their needs are shoved in the backburner. But to function better as providers and nurturers, mothers require time to rest and recharge. Self-care is necessary when you deal with motherhood’s demands.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to spend too much time, money, or effort to take care of yourself. You can easily do so at home, and through simple daily habits, too! Protect yourself from burnout and illness so you can be healthy — mind and body — for your family:

    1. Make time for breakfast.

    You make sure your kids eat the most nutritious meals, yet more often than not, you are running on just coffee. No wonder you’re so sluggish!

    Make it a habit to eat a healthy meal in the a.m. to replenish your supply of glucose and keep your energy levels up throughout the day, even if it means waking up a bit earlier than usual. Also worth noting: Eating breakfast makes you less likely to overeat later in the day, helping you manage your weight.

    2. Book a spa date — with yourself.

    Can’t go out? Bring the spa at home! Once in a while, schedule an evening when you can indulge in a long bath while someone else takes charge of the tots. There are many products available that can cover your skin and hair needs for a DIY spa session.

    Give your locks some TLC with a hair treatment like Hair Treats Double Active Keratin Hair Spa, or go for some skin pampering with a sheet mask such as Watsons Collagen Intensive Nourishing and Firming Facial Mask.

    Another way to help you relax would be to use soothing scented oils like Danarra Lavender Relaxing Sleep. Use it when you want a relaxing slumber at night.

    3. Don’t neglect your skin.

    Bare, blotchy skin and under-eye circles may be the norm for moms, but don’t underestimate the power of a good skincare routine. A quick way to feel good about yourself? Commit to a simple, daily skin care regimen and actually enjoy it.

    For super busy mommies, a basic cleanse-tone-moisturize routine can suffice as long as you do it regularly. At night, upgrade your daily moisturizer to a more luxurious anti-aging product, like the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream.

    4. Load up on vitamins.

    Here’s the reality: Moms don’t get any sick leaves even when they’re feeling under the weather, because who’s going to take care of everyone then? To stay in tip-top shape, especially this rainy season, load up on nutrients from natural sources, like fruits and vegetables, complemented by oral supplements.

    Vitamin C helps increase your body’s resistance to stress and infections, while Vitamin E helps provide powerful antioxidants to protect against pollution. There are also multivitamins with iron available that can help with stress.

    5. Say yes to exercise.

    It may seem counterintuitive when you’re already exhausted, but you’ll be surprised at how recharged you’ll feel after a quickie workout. Plus, there are many workout apps you can download and use at home!

    Squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise to boost your health and give your mood a lift, too.

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