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10 Common Causes Of Nausea Aside From Pregnancy
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  • Editor’s Note: This article is intended for information purposes only. It does not substitute a doctor. It is vital to always consult a medically trained professional for advice that suits your needs best.

    When women of childbearing age feel like throwing up and fainting, they are often thought of being pregnant. But aside from pregnancy, there are a lot of nausea causes that range from common health conditions to possibly more serious medical concerns.

    What is nausea?

    Nausea is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as "a stomach distress with distaste for food and an urge to vomit." It is not a disease but a symptom of many varying conditions, according to the experts at the Cleveland Clinic. It also doesn't necessarily involve vomiting, which is another symptom.

    Simply put, nausea is that uneasiness in your stomach and vomiting is the actual emptying of stomach contents through the mouth. Nausea and vomiting may occur separately or together, point out the experts at the Mayo Clinic.

    Pregnant women in their first trimester are said to be more prone to nausea as part of what is known as morning sickness. About 50 to 90 percent of pregnant women are believed to have experienced nausea. Cancer patients who are taking chemotherapy are also susceptible to nausea.

    Common nausea causes

    If you're neither pregnant nor a cancer patient, there are many and varying reasons why you experience nausea. Experts advise to closely monitor the frequency and intensity of the symptom so you'll know when to see a doctor.


    Certain smells or odors

    If you're one of those people who have a delicate stomach, so to speak, your stomach may start feeling uneasiness when you're exposed to strong smells or odors, whether pleasant or unpleasant. It then helps if you know your triggers so you can avoid or at least know how to react when suddenly exposed to those triggers.


    After having a buffet dinner o simply binge eating, you may have consumed so much food that your stomach is having a hard time digesting all those stuff. You end up feeling uneasy and always on the verge of throwing up. That's a rather blunt reminder for you to take it easy the next time you go on an eat-all-you-can gastronomic trip.

    Food poisoning

    Food poisoning, also called foodborne illness, happens when you consume contaminated food. Experts say it's an illness caused by infectious organisms, including bacteria, viruses and parasites, or their toxins. They point out that you will not only feel nauseous but will actually have to vomit and defecate until your body gets rid of the contamination. In some cases, food poisoning sufferers are treated in the hospital.


    A migraine, according to experts, is a headache that can cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation, usually on one side of the head. It's also often accompanied by nausea and other symptoms like vomiting and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. There's no real cure for migraine, just temporary relief or prevention. That's why a lot of migraine sufferers have a ready kit to deal with migraine attacks.

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    Seasickness and other motion sicknesses

    When on a trip--by land or air, but most especially by sea--a lot of people get nauseous. That's why it's best to include in your travel kit something to relieve your nausea. You may also try to sleep as much as you can until the uneasiness stops. (Read here for more tips.)


    If you're taking medications, such as aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, oral contraceptives, digitalis, narcotics, and antibiotics, you may experience nausea as a side effect. Experts advise that you consult with your doctor on this matter.

    Emotional stress

    The tremendous emotional stress that you feel may manifest in bodily functions, like your stomach. That's why there's uneasiness that makes you want to run to the nearest wash room. (Read here for tips in dealing with stress.)

    Viruses and infections

    One common cause of nausea is the rotavirus. Expert say it's very contagious virus that causes diarrhea (read here). Fortunately, a vaccine is readily available to protect, particulary your children, from rotavirus.

    Eating disorder

    The eating disorder called bulimia nervosa causes sufferers to secretly binge and then purge, trying to get rid of the extra calories in an unhealthy way. This is a serious condition that need to be addressed with professional help.

    Premenstrual or perimenopausal syndrome

    Just like in pregnancy, women experiencing premenstrual or perimenopausal syndrome have uneasiness in the stomach due to hormonal changes. It's among the nausea causes that can be easily treated.

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