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  • Now You Can Sync Your Vagina with Your Mobile Phone using this App

    Learn things about your period like never before with Looncup, a menstrual cup with a built-in sensor that connects to your device.
Now You Can Sync Your Vagina with Your Mobile Phone using this App
  • There’s an app for everything these days -- even things you wouldn’t have thought needed an app. Take, this new app, for example. It’s called Looncup and, believe it or not, it’s an app and a Bluetooth device that’s going right up your lady parts. Yes, your lady parts.
    Photo from kickstarter.com

    Looncup is an app and a menstruation cup developed by Loon Lab, Inc. In case you’re not familiar as to what a menstrual cup is, it’s a silicone, tulip-shaped cup that’s inserted into the vagina to catch menstrual flow. Once it’s full, it’s taken out, washed and reused.

    What’s special about Looncup’s menstrual cup is that it comes “with a securely embedded sensor that speaks directly into your smartphone,” according to their Kickstarter page. Looncup will be able to “track your fluid volume, fluid color, and analyze your cycles.”

    Photo from kickstarter.com

    Basically, Looncup can tell you when your period is coming, when it’s time to wash out your menstrual cup, and if your menstrual blood is of a healthy color. “Your Looncup checks the color and tells you the day-to-day changes during your period. Some changes might signal it’s time to see the doctor.”

    The Kickstarter page for Looncup needed $50,000 for it to become a reality. It has currently raised $109,748. With 17 days still to go, it has already doubled its goal. Shipping for the actual product starts January 2016, according to the page.

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    We did a little research to help you decide whether or not you'd like to try it. According to Medical Daily, fluid color can, in fact, reveal a lot about your health, specifically your hormonal wellbeing.

    The “normal” color is a “cranberry juice” red. A dark red color indicates high estrogen levels; this is also blood that may have been stored in your uterus for a while. Women typically see this upon waking up, according to MD Health.

    Brown to black flow is also old blood and is usually seen towards the end of your period. Bright red and orange fluids are the ones to watch out for. Bright red indicates low estrogen levels which lead to fatigue and hair loss. Bright orange fluid is associated with infections. Consult a health professional if you’ve been seeing this.


    What do you think, ladies? Do we need this?

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