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  • Sobrang Init! How Busy Moms Can Keep Cool Ngayong Summer

    Don’t forget to take your breaks, mommy!
Sobrang Init! How Busy Moms Can Keep Cool Ngayong Summer
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  • Staying at home practically 24/7 has moms everywhere working and moving even more than they already are. You’re doing everything from buying groceries and running the household, to taking care of the kids and even attending virtual meetings at work.

    And with summer already here, it’s likely that the heat is causing you to feel even more exhausted.

    So, mom, take this as your reminder to slow down and cool off even for just a few minutes! Don’t forget that you deserve to unwind and take care of yourself, too.

    Here are a few things you can easily incorporate into your everyday habits:

    1. Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day

    Of course, the first and most important thing you need to remember is to keep yourself hydrated. Female adults between the ages of 19 and 69 are recommended to drink anywhere between 1,610 to 1,930 milliliters (ml) of water per day — or about 10 to 12 150-ml glasses of water — depending on their age.

    So, make sure to keep your refrigerators stocked with pitchers and jugs filled with clean drinking water! Make it the responsibility of each family member to refill empty containers as soon as possible to make sure cold water is always available.

    For variety, you can also treat yourself to refreshing glasses of iced, freshly squeezed juices!

    2. Take mini-breaks throughout the day

    While you already know the importance of taking breaks, resting becomes the least of your worries when you have thousands of things to do on your plate.

    But don’t ever let yourself “overheat,” mom! Try to be more mindful when listing your to-dos and include mini-breaks in between tasks that will allow you to slow down and catch your breath. For starters, you can try inserting two or three mini-breaks: one in the morning, another in the afternoon, and a third one just before going to bed. Doing this also helps you remain physically active.

    Some ideas: do some slow stretching exercises, breathing exercises, or roll out your mat for a 10- or 15-minute yoga session — all these you can do right in the living room (when the kids aren’t playing or studying) or in your bedroom where it’s quieter. Don’t forget to turn on the fan or air-conditioner so you don’t end up sweating buckets.

    3. Try to eat cooling and refreshing food

    And we’re not just talking about the usual staples halo-halo, ice cream, and other sweet, icy concoctions. To help you cool down, you can also go for fresh salads with citrus fruits and crunchy vegetables with a light vinaigrette, fresh spring rolls with steamed shrimp and leafy greens into your meals, or even cold noodles just like the ones found in Korean and Japanese cuisines!

    Have them as a snack or a light meal, or pair them with your family’s favorite grilled meats for a filling summer dining experience. For dessert, how about sliced watermelons served on a bed of ice?

    4. Exercise mindful use of cooling devices at home

    Sure, the unbearable heat might tempt you into setting every fan, air-con, and even the refrigerator to the coldest temperature possible. But don’t do it! With your devices working at full capacity overtime, it’s likely that they’ll break sooner than expected. Your electricity bill might skyrocket, too!

    The key is to use these items mindfully. Instead of using fans and air-cons at the same time, think of using one in support of the other. For example: turn the air-con on for only a couple of hours, then switch to using the fan to keep the air cool and flowing.

    Alternatively, you may want to open the windows to let the air circulate freely, especially if you don’t live near or in a busy area.

    Remind kids that the refrigerator is not their tambayan, too! Kidding aside, make sure the refrigerator is always closed tightly. Instruct everyone to avoid “bukas-sara” or leaving the door open for a long time. Why? This allows cold air to escape, causing your fridge to exert more energy to lower the temperature once the doors are closed.

    Extend these know-hows to the rest of the family so they, too, can help you conserve energy and prolong the life of your appliances. You, too, can keep a cool head knowing nothing is being wasted.

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