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  • These Cleaning Hacks Will Help Make Your Home Germ- and Virus-Free

    Disinfecting your home goes a long way in protecting your family.
These Cleaning Hacks Will Help Make Your Home Germ- and Virus-Free
  • With everyone in the family currently spending their time indoors, having a clean home has never been more crucial. Not only does it help reduce the possibility of germs, but it can also spell the difference between a healthy home and a family that's at risk of contracting a virus.

    The kitchen, bathroom, and living room are the areas you constantly need to clean, given that they're easily the most used spaces in the house. With that in mind, here's a list of some of the most germ-prone spots in your house, along with instructions on how you can properly clean them:



    Even the surfaces that you regularly wipe clean aren't safe from bacteria. This means that any item you will leave on your countertop, whether it's your eyeglasses or phone, is likely to pick up germs.

    To clean it, declutter all the items from the countertop, spray a multi-purpose cleaner on the surface, and scrub it with a mildly abrasive cleaner.

    Toilet bowl


    Unsurprisingly, the toilet bowl is a hotbed of different kinds of germs and bacteria, with an estimated 3.2 million bacteria per square inch. When cleaning your toilet, make sure to go through every area, including the toilet seat and the handle that allows you to flush.

    Start by spraying a multi-purpose cleaner on the seat, lid, and rim. Use a microfiber cloth to give your toilet a good wipe-down, from the lid to the base. To clean the inside of the bowl, spray some multi-purpose cleaner, scrub it with a toilet brush, then flush everything down.

    Kitchen and toilet sink


    When you wash off the germs from your hands, some of these germs tend to linger in the sink. By the way, the faucet handle is also just as prone to bacteria since it's the first thing you touch before washing your hands.

    To do a deep clean of the sink, fill it up with a few inches of hot water and put in a few drops of multi-purpose cleaner. Let it sit for around 10 minutes before draining the sink, and then rinse and dry. Finally, get a dry cloth and wipe the sink and surrounding areas.

    Drawers and cabinets


    Chances are, you have several unused items stowed in your cabinets and drawers that have since gathered dust over time. Start by discarding these items. Then, vacuum these spaces, wipe them with a damp microfiber cloth, and let them air dry. Once your cabinets and drawers are completely dry, put back only the items that you actually need.

    Electric fan


    Did you know that your electric fan can also be a hotspot for dust and grime build-up? To get rid of these, you will need to disassemble the fan cover first. Let it soak in warm water and some drops of multi-purpose cleaner for a few minutes.

    After unplugging the unit, remove the screws or nuts surrounding the fan and the motor. You can clean each part by either using a vacuum cleaner or a damp microfiber cloth before putting them back in place.


    Curtains are prone to dust and scum, which tend to build up over time. It would be ideal to have a curtain that's made of nylon since it could be washed and dried using a washing machine. On the other hand, a non-machine-washable curtain can be cleaned using warm water mixed with a cup of anti-bacterial detergent.

    Tile grout

    The grout between the floor tiles can also be full of bacteria. For this, you will need to scrub off the dirt using warm water, a multi-purpose cleaner, and a stiff-bristled brush. If you want it to be sparkling clean, a natural whitener may also be necessary.


    For obvious reasons, your floor is likely harboring more germs than any other area in the house. A solid sweeping and mopping of the entire space, including corners and hard-to-reach areas, can go a long way.

    For easier and more effective cleaning, use a multi-purpose cleaner like Domex wherever applicable. It can protect your home from malodor-causing germs and keep it spotless in the process. Follow Domex Philippines on Facebook to know more.

    Remember: Disinfecting your home can be a breeze if you know which products to use and which areas to focus on. Happy cleaning, mommies!

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