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  • Calculator Shows How Much Sleep You've Lost Since Becoming a Mom

    A company developed a sleep calculator to show parents are the most sleep-deprived individuals.
    by Rachel Perez .
Calculator Shows How Much Sleep You've Lost Since Becoming a Mom
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  • Ever hear the words "sleep debt"? Sleep specialists also call it sleep deficit, which describes "the cumulative effect of a person not having sufficient sleep." Parents, we certainly know a thing or two about sleep deprivation. In fact, we always say we'd be rich if the hours worth of sleep we've lost were converted to cash.

    We don't know if we'd all be millionaires, but you can compute your sleep debt in hours or days you've lost since the moment your child was born. We should warn you that you may lose sleep over just how much sleep you've lost!

    Yes, Hillarys, an interior design company in the U.K., has developed the Lost Sleep Calculator to estimate your sleep debt and perhaps provide justification you need to take a night off for your self and your much-needed shut-eye. 

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    Here's how it works: Go to the website and enter the age of your child in years and months. If you have more than one, there's an option to add their age, too. Then, hit "Calculate my lost sleep."


    If you have a 1-year-and-eight-month-old, you've already lost 2,813 hours -- gulp -- that's 117 days or nearly two months. Based on those figures, the Lost Calculator will also tell you that you've changed roughly 5,190 nappies, told 70 bedtimes stories, and sang 2,400 lullabies. The number gets high when you have more kids.

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    While the numbers are calculated based on an extensive 2013 sleep survey for parents in the U.K., we think it's not much different here. 

    If knowing how much you're sleep deprived does not convince you to get more Zzzz's, Hillarys also included what often happens to people who don't sleep enough: putting their mobile phones in the fridge or wearing odd shoes or their clothes inside out. You think they're kidding until you realize these have happened to you, too!

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    "Some parents are fortunate enough to have a child that sleeps straight through -- it’s the dream for all parents -- but for many, this just isn’t the case," Tanya Irons, the spokesperson for Hillarys, said in a press release. "No matter whether you’ve lost months or years of sleep though, I’m sure everyone will agree that they are worth it." 

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    Hillarys also has a calculator that tells you how few hours of sleep debt quickly adds up

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